6 Ways to Practice Self Care at Christmas | Blogmas Day 21

I think most people love Christmas; the celebrations, opportunities for socialising and all round joy. For the most part, it’s such a happy time, the most wonderful time of the year you could say. But, we have to admit that it’s oftentimes overwhelming as well. Constantly being ‘on’, the pressure to enjoy everything and make it the best it can be can sometimes just feel like a lot. And that’s OK. It is a lot. We spend a lot of the festive season preparing and thinking of everything that needs to get done; the to-do lists can be long and feel never-ending. The actual day takes a lot mentally too, especially if you’re responsible for preparing dinner, or there’s children around!

Self care is important all year round, but especially during the festive season. And even more so after the news of extended restrictions over Christmas in the UK. So, I’ve put together a few ideas for ways you can practice self care over the festive season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t feel afraid of taking a step back for yourself. You’ll feel better and will most likely end up enjoying Christmas more!


Whether it’s a book, maybe one of your Christmas presents, an interesting article or a blog post, take the time to engross yourself in something else for a while. Let your mind be taken to another place for a moment of escapism.


If you feel a overwhelmed with everything going on, as Christmas can be a lot, set out some time to journal. Write down your memories of the day, your thoughts and feelings, and let it all out of your mind.

Take some time for beauty routines

If you enjoy doing your make up, dedicate some time to play around with some products. Give yourself a manicure or do some ‘beauty maintenance’, whatever it entails for you. I like to have a shower, shape my eyebrows and paint my toes and fingernails.

Do your skincare

Christmas Day can be a long, long day. In the evening, take the time to do your full skincare routine. Process the day and treat your skin. Not only does it prepare your skin from the next day (when you might be feeling a little worse for wear!) but it gives you time to focus on yourself.

Take a walk

Getting outside and spending time breathing in fresh air is one of the best things you can do to recuperate and recharge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a walk and spend some time outside, whether alone or with someone else. I often find that my thoughts clear and I focus on the world around me.

Take some time for yourself

Even if it’s on Christmas Day. If everything feels a bit too much, take some time for yourself in a different room and let yourself recharge. It can all be quite exhausting so if you need that time, don’t be afraid to take it.

How do you like to practice self care at Christmas? Anything I’ve missed off my list?

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