The Best Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 20

Ahh, one of the best parts of Christmas… the films! I don’t have many memories of watching Christmas movies when I was younger but as I got older, I got really into them. By mid-November onwards, if you find me watching a film it’s most definitely a Christmas one. And don’t even get me started on Christmas TV; I’ve been watching the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special, original and new, all year long.

Each year, I like to make a list of all the Christmas films I want to watch and make sure I have time to watch each one, and sometimes more than once! Sunday afternoons, whilst wrapping Christmas presents and on those chill days between Christmas and New Year are my most favourite times to watch festive films. Hopefully you’ll find some of the films you love on this list, or even some you’ve never seen!


I think we can all agree, Elf is a classic. I never watched this when I was younger but as soon as I discovered it, I absolutely loved it! It’s now a staple part of my Christmas festivities. I love putting it on in the background whilst I wrap presents. Who doesn’t want to watch Buddy running through the streets of New York City in his elf get-up!?

Home Alone

Another Christmas classic! Although, I have a confession… I only watched this for the first time this year! I know, it’s ridiculous. I have no idea why I never watched it. But now I have, I absolutely love it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go a Christmas without watching Kevin fend off Christmas burglars again!

Arthur Christmas

Another that I discovered in the last few years! Arthur Christmas is the perfect light-hearted Christmas film. For me, it represents a cosy Sunday afternoon snuggled up under a blanket with the fire on and the Christmas lights twinkling in the background. I love a sweet and funny animated film, and even better if it’s about Christmas.

The Holiday

Jude Law, an English cottage and a snowy setting, what more could you want!? I can’t go a festive season without watching The Holiday, it just wouldn’t feel right. A firm favourite among my family, we often ask each other “don’t you like tents?” and do our best Mr Napkin Head impressions.

Love Actually

This is one I do remember watching when I was younger, perhaps the first Christmas film I watched! Not sure how appropriate it was thinking back now… But it’s not Christmas without crying along with Emma Thompson as she listens to Joni Mitchell and holding your breath as Sam runs through the airport after Joanna.


I prefer the first Nativity film, but the second is good too! Is watching someone rediscover their love for Christmas through a primary school nativity play the most heart-warming Christmas film going? Surprisingly, yes it is. And do I cry the whole way through the final nativity performance? Yes, yes I do. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I watch this film a few times throughout the festive period.

The Princess Switch

This is definitely a love or hate one, as with many Netflix films, but I love it. Vanessa Hudgens playing doppelgangers at Christmas time, one royal and one not, is the perfect fluffy festive film. Every time I watch it I want nothing more than to spend a Christmas in Belgravia, dancing round a palace and baking up Christmas goodies.

Have you watched any of these films? Any more I should add to my list? I’m always looking for more to watch!

9 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 20

  1. envirolineblog says:

    I’ve seen all these Christmas movies and each one is so unique but so good! It’s really hard to pick a fave but I’d have to say Elf…tho I really love The Holiday too ❤


  2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) says:

    I was considering watching The Princess Switch but made the mistake of reading the IMDb reviews, then I had to decide on the level of cheese my mood could handle and gave it a miss. I think I’ll save it for that weird, boring time in between Christmas and new year lol

    Liked by 1 person

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