Reflecting on 2020 and Looking to 2021

Happy New Year!

For today’s post, the first of the year and the first after Blogmas, I want to look back over 2020 and forward to 2021. I spent the last month of 2020 busy with Blogmas (not sure if I’ll do it next year as it was SO much work!), Christmas prep and my 9-5; I felt like I barely had time to sleep! So, over the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been taking a little break. I needed time to refresh my mind and relax before getting back into another year of working, blogging and everything else! I’ve also spent that time reflecting on the last year of my life – it’s been a weird one to say the least, but important nonetheless – and really thinking about what I want out of my future.

I’ve written down a lot of my goals in my journal, and I’ve made a vision board, but I wanted to talk about them here too. I find reading other peoples goals really motivational, so reading mine may help you out. I also thought having them in writing here would hold me accountable. It’ll act as another way of keeping me focused on what I want and how to get it!


Firstly, I think we’re all rejoicing in the fact that 2020 is over. What a year. I have a feeling that in years to come, we’ll look back incredulous that it even happened. That’s not to say, however, that the trials and tribulations of 2020 haven’t carried over into 2021. Of course, we’re still dealing with Covid and all it’s repercussions, as well as personal, individual challenges on top of that. But, and I’m positive I’m not alone in this, there’s a feeling of hope for this year that was perhaps lacking in 2020. With the vaccine approved, there feels like there’s a glimmer of hope for us all.

Although it’s very easy to only see the one big, massive, ‘wtf just happened’ negative, 2020 did have some positives too and those are what I want to focus on. I think like a lot of people, I feel like a different person now compared to who I was at the start of 2020, in a positive way, I think; the whole year really put everything into perspective. I took so much for granted before – hugging family and friends (which is odd for me to say, as if you know me you know I hate hugging, but I have actually missed it), being able to see people where and when I want and even just having a routine – I haven’t spent longer than a day in an office for nearly ten months and the cat is now my closest colleague! I now have a completely different outlook on life. What’s most important to me is different now than it was at the start of the year.

I think it also allowed me to take a step back and find out what I enjoy doing. I’ve definitely read a lot more, and I’ve picked up a few other creative hobbies too – scrapbooking, painting, journaling. The first lockdown in the UK also inspired me to start my blog back up again! I took a three year break from posting whilst I was at University and all the spare time being tied to my house meant that I could start writing again. I’ve loved it so much and I don’t think I’d have picked it up again so soon if it wasn’t for this year. The creative outlet has been invaluable and the community has been so warming.

Perhaps the most important positive though, 2020 brought me a lot closer to so many people. Not physically, of course, but the importance of human connection was so vital over those dark months of the first lockdown and I don’t think the relationships I’ve now built with many people would have been as strong otherwise. I’ve been in contact with friends much more regularly than usual and my family have really got together, virtually, to bring some light in the dark. 2020 really brought people together, even when keeping us apart.

I think we can all agree that overall, 2020 was quite crap. But it had some pretty important and life-changing redeeming qualities too.


As I said earlier, 2021 so far feels hopeful. Of course, I’m hoping for the vaccine to be successful, life to go back to normal and everyone to be able to live without fear of Covid but, besides following guidelines, there’s not much more we can do about that. So, I want to focus on what I want from this year that is in my control. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that life is unpredictable; you can make plans, but something completely out of your control can get in the way and mess them up. So, I’ve set goals this year that are in my control and only I can make them happen. Also, to take the pressure off, I’ve not set any numerical goals. They’re very much just doing more of what makes me happy.

My main goal this year is positivity. I spent more time than I would’ve liked consumed with negative thoughts last year. This year, I aim to keep what I can control positive. I usually start the new year hoping for a ‘new year, new me’, with goals to lose weight and drop dress sizes. Not this year. This year, that can f- off. Quite simply, I just want to be happy. I want to eat food I enjoy. If I exercise, I want it to be because I want to move my body because I enjoy it. I want to banish the negative thoughts I have about other people and myself; they do no good to anyone. Of course, I know that it’s not feasible to expect this of every single day, but I’m hoping to make such an effort to live a positive life.

In terms of how I spend my time, I want to really push towards reading and writing. I definitely read more last year than I had for so long, but I want to read even more this year, simply because I love it. I also love to write and whilst I definitely wrote a lot last year, and I even got a new job that involves writing every day, I want to dedicate even more time to writing down my ideas, my thoughts and my feelings. I want to write blog posts, record my feelings in a journal and perhaps even explore the ideas for stories that so far only exist in my head. I also want to learn. 2020 seemed to bring a wave of social consciousness to my life that I want to keep expanding. I want to learn more about feminism and the community around me, as well as about issues that don’t directly affect me, but affect the world as a whole. I want to be aware and informed.

A more material goal this year is to develop my style. I spent so much of this year in the same pair of grey joggers, paired with a variety of t-shirts or jumpers depending on the weather, but now I’m craving to wear nice clothes again. I’ve often felt like I’ve had to wear what’s ‘in style’ but this year, I have a vision of what I like and what I want to wear, and I’m determined to actually wear it this year, rather than care about what other people think.

And the one goal that I’m very loosely working towards is buying a house. I am so desperate to own my own house and financially I can do it this year, but with the complex and unpredictable nature of buying a house, and the pandemic on top, I know that a lot of it will be out of my control. So this is one I’m hoping for but I know it may not be a possibility this year. However, my fingers are crossed and I’m staying positive.

So, those are my thoughts on 2020 and my feelings and hopes for 2021. I hope you have a wonderful new year.

How was 2020 for you? What are your goals for 2021?

6 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2020 and Looking to 2021

  1. Jaya Avendel says:

    That your goal for this year is positivity is so inspiring! Our mindset and outlook on life can change and offer us new perceptions of what is going on around us. I wish you the best of luck in buying your own home, settling down, and encountering plenty of happiness!

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