Christmas Hamper Ideas | Blogmas Day 8

It’s the 8th of December and I *think* I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping! With all sorts of gifts bought this year for all sorts of people, I’ve been sharing my different gift guides and ideas to help spark inspiration and lend a helping hand to those struggling with present ideas. Today, I’m back with another! But in case you haven’t caught those from earlier in Blogmas, I’ve done a small businesses gift guide, a secret santa gift guide, an alternative gift giving idea for couples and a guide to doing Christmas on a budget!

Today’s, however, is all about Christmas hampers! This was something I always associated with ‘grown ups’ but it turns out that I might actually be one of those now as I received my first one last year! It was in a pretty wicker basket and it full of sweet treats and chocolate goodies. It was actually one of the best presents and lasted absolutely ages. I think they make a great main present for someone as they’re actually full of little presents. You can make them really personal with all of their favourite things, or even theme them around something they love, but they also make an excellent gift for someone you don’t know all too well as you can fill them with things everyone likes!

So, if you’re stuck on a present idea, below are a few things you could pop into a hamper as well as a few alternative options that would make a super sweet personal gift.

In my opinion, there are two things that make up the standard hamper – food and drink! If you’re making up a hamper for an extended family member or a friend that’s notoriously hard to buy for, food and drink is the way to go. If you know they’re a cheese lover, a hamper full of different cheeses would be perfect. And you can add a personal touch by popping in a cheese board, maybe even a personalised one, and a cheese knife. If they love an alcoholic drink, you could fill it with craft beers or a nice bottle of Prosecco with some mini bottles, a nice glass and a book on cocktail making!

But, if you’re looking for some more specific ideas, below are a couple of alternative options to make your Christmas hamper gift even more personal.

For a writer…

If you know someone who loves to write, a hamper full of bits and pieces would be perfect! You could get the basics – a nice pen and some pretty notebooks. But you could also get lists books or a book of writing prompts to help spark inspiration. You could always throw in some hot chocolate or snacks to keep them going whilst they’re writing too!

For a gamer…

A hamper for a gamer would be a lovely present. You could get them a game as the main feature but also some accessories, like a controller shaped stress ball to help them control their gaming anger, some tasty chocolate or even gaming themed lights to decorate their set-up. A figurine from their favourite game would make it even more personal too.

For a beauty lover…

If you know someone who loves all things beauty, you could gift them a make-up themed hamper. Start with some make-up brushes, maybe some brush cleanser, and a compact mirror, then add in a few products they may like; a lipstick, some nail varnish, an eyeshadow palette. Perhaps even include a voucher so they can pick some of their own bits too!

For a bookworm…

And for a bookworm, you could get quite creative. As well as adding in some book marks, hot drinks and some snacks to keep them going, you could add in some surprise books. Wrap the front covers and give them a short synopsis. It’s a bit of fun and may encourage the to read something they’ve never tried before!

And if you don’t want to put together your own…

You can actually buy ready made hampers! There’s some really sweet ones on Etsy and Not On The High Street but individual brands do them too! They make an excellent last minute gift as well.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas if you were struggling to put a hamper together, or made you consider one as a gift for someone!

Have you ever given a Christmas Hamper? Or received one? What was in it?

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