Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020 | Blogmas Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of Blogmas! Today, I’m bringing you my Secret Santa gift guide.

I have to admit, I’m a lover of a Secret Santa raffle on one condition: it’s amongst friends I know and love. When I was in high school, I had a pretty big group of girl friends and we decided that Secret Santa would be best at Christmas so we could get one really good gift for one person rather than lots of little mediocre gifts for everyone. It worked perfectly! In other situations, however, Secret Santa fills me with fear! A work Secret Santa especially is the epitome of dread for me. You just know you’ll get someone you barely know and spend days if not weeks agonising over what to get them.

So, if you’re in the latter situation, I’ve put together a gift guide of little bits and bobs that are suitable for anyone and everyone, and won’t break the bank! So, all you have to do is worry about is the wrapping! And remembering whose name to write on the tag…

But, before we get into the gifts, I’ve got a few little tips for approaching Secret Santa presents. Firstly, try to think of things they like. It sounds a bit obvious but it’s so easy to just get something random if you don’t know them that well. But, if you put a little bit of thought into it, they’ll be touched that you took time to even consider them as a person, what they like and what they may want.

Secondly, if you really have no idea what they like, try not to ask them directly. It’s pretty obvious who has you for Secret Santa if all of a sudden they start asking you what your favourite chocolate is out of the blue. And it ruins the fun. Maybe pay attention to what they do or see if their social media gives away any clues, but not in a creepy way of course.

And thirdly, perhaps think of ideas related to how you know them, such as through sports or work, if you can’t think of things they like personally. If you’re in the same Secret Santa raffle, you must have at least one thing of this nature in common!

Anyway, onto the gifts!

Novelty Chocolate

I think we can all agree that chocolate is the standard Secret Santa gift choice when you have no idea what to get someone. However, it’s still a great gift, especially if you make it more personal. Maybe a chocolate pizza for a foodie? Or a chocolate games controller for a gamer?

Desk Calendar

A calendar sounds like such a boring present, but it’s a great practical present for a work Secret Santa. And you can add a personal touch by getting one themed on something they love! Think about the animals they like, or actors and bands they’ve mentioned before.


A mug is another classic present, but, especially in the workplace, they make a great choice for Secret Santa. There’s so many niche, novelty mugs available (someone I used to work with had one that expressed their love for spreadsheets…), or even just a nice fancy one for someone who loves their hot drinks. Or, get your own made up with a quote or inside joke you share with that person to make it even more special.

Hot Drinks

Why not treat lovers of hot drinks to a special variety of their faves? Whittard make lovely hot chocolates, teas and coffees which make great gifts. You could play it safe with something you know they like, or branch out and get some different flavours for them to try. It’s something they would use, and it shows you’ve paid attention to what they like!

Hot Chocolate Bombes

These have become SO popular this year and they make such a cute drink. Not only can the recipient enjoy a hot chocolate, they can watch the spectacle of it melting and revealing its contents too! Or, instead of a bombe, a stir in spoon hot chocolate!

Grow It Kit

Perfect for a house plant lover – who doesn’t love house plants!? – these kits include everything you need to get growing your own house plants. They could grow it on their work desk, or give them a fun project at home!


A framed print is the best opportunity to get a personal Secret Santa gift. If you know their favourite movie, band or video game, there is most probably a print related to it that you can get them. A lot of them are pretty inexpensive but make such a lovely present.

Scratch Off Poster

I’d actually love to receive one of these as a Secret Santa gift! Bucket list posters have a list of countries to visit or films to watch in your lifetime and you can scratch off a section of the poster every time you’ve completed one! It would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel!

Although Secret Santa can be daunting, there’s lots of good gift ideas that are pretty inexpensive and personal – better than a gift card! What sorts of gifts do you like to give for Secret Santa?

Disclaimer: this post includes products I think would be good ideas for presents. I have only provided links to products I have used before and liked.

12 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gift Guide 2020 | Blogmas Day 4

  1. Serena says:

    These are great gift ideas! Mugs, hot drinks, chocolate and practical things like desk calendars are always good for Secret Santa as the recipient is bound to like them!

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