Autumn Bucket List 2020

And so the autumn content begins… and I couldn’t be happier! As much as I like the warm weather and bright blue skies of the summer months, golden leaves, cosy jumpers and crisp air have me living my best life.

This year, autumn is a little bit different. There’s a chance that everything might be a bit restricted, or completely shut down over night, but after the absolute travesty that was the last six months I want to make a real effort to enjoy the autumnal season as best I can, whilst still adhering to the guidelines of course. And, as I love spending this season outdoors, fingers crossed the global pandemic won’t get in the way too much.

So, to get myself into the spirit, I thought I’d write a little autumn bucket list for this year. Just a few things I want to do or see to get the most out of this time of year, and maybe some inspiration for you too!

Watch all the cosy autumnal films – I’m thinking You’ve Got Mail and every single Harry Potter film.

Enjoy fall inspired music – I’m looking at you Red and Folklore…

Take many walks in the park – There’s nothing I love more than the fresh air and crispy golden leaves crunching under my autumn boots at this time of year!

Go on a breezy beach trip – You can combat the cold sea air by wrapping up with fall toned scarf and even taking a blanket!

Go on some autumnal dates – A trip to a pumpkin batch or a sweet hot choc cafe date maybe?

Take a walk in the woods – Perfect for capturing autumn Instragram snaps and being surrounded by leaves in fiery shades of red, orange and yellow.

Go cosy jumper shopping – I love to add to my collection each year; I’m thinking of a burnt orange one this time round!

Have a Halloween film night – I’m not a big fan of horrors but there is definitely Halloween themed films that aren’t too scary – Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown!

Do some pumpkin carving – No matter how old I get, I always wanted to carve a pumpkin – I’m thinking of designs already!

Do some Autumn themed baking – I need to find some recipes! I’d love to make pumpkin cookies, or something toffee apple or cinnamon-esque.

Go to a scare experience – If they’re open! Although I don’t like horror films, I love a scare experience!

Visit a fall themed castle – Again, if they’re open! I know Warwick castle does a great Halloween themed event that I went to a few years ago.

Go to a Bonfire Night celebration – Fireworks displays are one of my most favourite parts of the autumn period. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to a socially distanced display this year.

What do you like do to during the autumnal period? Anything else I should add to my autumn bucket list this year?

27 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List 2020

  1. Pea Green says:

    I love autumn too, the colours and the leaves in particular. I’m hoping that summer isn’t quite over yet, because I don’t enjoy the rain we get most of the season. We’re off for a woodland walk today though. Enjoy the season, I hope you get to do everything on your list.

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  2. bethanymca says:

    Gorgeous list!!! I cant wait for scarfs and leaves and celebrating halloween with my flatmates. Harry Potter is definitely excellent for Autumn and you’ve got mail is such an underrated film!!! Xxx

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  3. curiouslyhappy says:

    Love this post and ideas for things to do. I’m definitely ready for Autumn. Love cosy nights in and being able to put my fairy lights and candles on earlier.

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  4. brittshedhappens says:

    This is my favourite time of the year, hands down!!! I have been looking forward to rocking my fav sweaters and drinking hot apple cider while sitting outside at a campsite, surrounded by beautiful fall colours. We have a campsite booked for the end of September in a very beautiful area of the province. It’s going to be a great getaway!

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