A Cloudy Day in Walberswick

If you know anything about me, you know I love the beach; it’s my happy place. It doesn’t really matter which beach, I love any beach, whether its stony or sandy, I love it. Saying that, I do have a few favourites… Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, Brighton Beach, Southwold and Cove Hithe in Suffolk.

So, if anyone suggests a beach trip, I’m usually up for it. This summer, I’ve been to the beach a few times but definitely not as often as I’m used to due to the global pandemic and all. However, the beach is a good place for a trip out where you can easily socially distance – as long as you avoid peak times! I love going in the evening to catch the sunset but a lot of people have been heading out to see the sunrise recently. I don’t think I fancy getting up at 3am though.

One of my most recent trips was to Walberswick beach in Suffolk. For my Grandad’s birthday, we decided to go crabbing, have some lunch and go for a wander down the beach. It was a pretty cloudy day and I was absolutely freezing at first. Unlike your typical beach day, I was wearing jeans and was snuggled up inside my fluffy hoodie – or maybe this is typical for a British beach day!

Walberswick is a small coastal village in Suffolk, England, right next to Southwold and only separated by a river. As I said, Southwold is one of my most favourite beaches, and the town is lovely so we don’t tend to hop over to Walberswick all that often – there’s not as much there, the bridge to cross the river is quite a walk and we’ve never bothered with the ferry service.

However, Walberswick is such a lovely village, and well known for its crabbing which is what we went to do! As we were with my younger brother, we set up camp and got catching. If you’ve never been crabbing before, the Suffolk coast is a great spot for it and it’s really easy! All you need is some bait – we just used bacon lardons – a reel with a bait bag- which only costs around £2 – and a net!

I have to admit, although I’ve been crabbing before, I hadn’t been in around 10 years and I was pretty nervous about doing it wrong – I don’t know why, all you have to do is throw the end of the reel in and wait! We had a competition to see who could catch the most crabs and we managed to get some big ones. Of course, just like fishing, you put them back in the water at the end. It’s such a great activity for children but we’ve since been back with some of our friends and had just as much fun as 20-somethings as my younger brother did!

Although you go crabbing down by the river, where there’s two different car parks nearby, the beach is only a short walk over the sand dunes. It’s a lovely beach to sit on and is mix of sand and stone. We wandered whilst children played by the water and sat for a while and listened to the waves. It wasn’t particularly busy as the weather wasn’t the best and as we head into Autumn, unless we get an abnormally warm days, I can’t imagine it’s going to get much busier.

After this, we wandered into Walberswick village to look for a snack. There’s a few shops on the green, as well as a cafe and an ice-cream shop. I got banoffee gelato which was delicious, and we sat on a bench on the green for a while. I love looking at the houses in different areas and they are all so pretty there! Although we didn’t go in, there’s a pub not far from the green which looks lovely for a spot of lunch or dinner.

We actually popped over to Southwold (we say ‘popped over’ but although you can see it from Walberswick, it’s actually a 15 minute drive as you have to go round the river) for dinner – The Little Fish and Chip Shop in the town is the best fish and chips in my opinion! We sat at the beach and ate our dinner before heading home.

View of Southwold from the end of the Pier.
Mural of George Orwell, who has connections to Southwold and Suffolk, on the Pier.
Outside The Little Fish and Chip Shop in Southwold.

The Suffolk coast is such a great place for crabbing if you fancy a day out – it’s inexpensive and really good fun! I really recommend Walberswick during the day, but maybe heading over to Southwold for an evening meal as there’s more choice.

Have you ever been crabbing? What’s your favourite beach?

16 thoughts on “A Cloudy Day in Walberswick

  1. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    I haven’t been to the beach in so long, I really miss it so it was lovely to read this. I hope your Granddad enjoyed his birthday. I’ve never been crabbing before but it sounds like fun so I might have to put it on my list of things to do at the beach in future. My favourite beach is one in Seaham, it’s half full of stones and pebbles before you get to the sand but it’s so quiet and peaceful to be there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. untilanotherday says:

    This was such a lovely read. I’ve never been to Suffolk before but plan to be doing a lot more ‘staycations’ due to the pandemic. It’s definitely a place I’m interested in visiting now! I loved crabbing as a child in Great Yarmouth on holidays down to Norfolk!x

    Liked by 1 person

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