7 Ways to Show People You Care This Christmas | Blogmas Day 6

I think we all know that Christmas is going to be different this year. Although in England there is a planned five day break from restrictions, we still can’t realistically or safely see all the people we’d like to see. I’d love to go and visit my friends that live all across the country as well as all of my extended family but I know it’s just not feasible, or sensible. It’s so hard, but here’s hoping we can make the sacrifice now so next year we can see everyone we want to and have the very best time.

So, with all this in mind, for today’s Blogmas post I wanted to write all about the different ways we can make an effort to show people we care at this time of year when we can’t see them in person.

But before I get into my ideas, I just wanted to highlight how important it actually is to check in on people, especially during the festive period and double especially with everything going on this year. Below are a few different charities and organisations that can help you if you need it, or may be able to help you help someone else.

Campaign to End Loneliness – lots of links to get help or find out how you can help.
CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably helpline
Samaritans – 24 hour helpline
NSPCC – helplines for children who need help and adults concerned about the welfare of children.
Refuge – help with domestic abuse.

These are only a few of so many different options available to you if you need help. If you do need some help, please reach out.

I think that putting in a little extra effort this year will go a long way to show people they’re loved and, most importantly, not alone. Here is a mix of completely free, inexpensive and a little more pricey options so hopefully there’s something everyone can do.

Drop them a text

It can be as simple as sending them a little ‘how are you?’ text. When it pops up on their phone, it shows them someone is thinking of them and someone is there if they want to talk. Also, ask them twice. The Ask Twice campaign is highlighting how important it is to check your friends are OK, especially among men. If someone says they’re fine, they might not be. So ask them again, it might make a difference. You can find out more here. It requires little effort and in most cases is completely free.

Give them a call

Or, go one step further, pick up the phone and just give them a ring. There are some adults in the UK who can go a full day, or even longer, especially amongst the elderly, without hearing another person’s voice. It may not be in person but hearing someone talk to you can make such a difference. And it opens up the opportunity to properly talk which may be limited over text. It might only be half an hour or even ten minutes but it can do a world of good.

Organise a group call

Go yet another step further and organise a group call with all of your extended family or your friend group. Whilst you might be used to meeting in the pub in non-Covid times, you could all gather round your phones and laptops for a virtual meet up instead. It may not feel the same but it could really cheer someone up. It’s also a great way to spend time with your friends when you can’t actually see them face to face in real life.

Send a card with a heartfelt message

This is something I love to do with my friends. If they need a little pick me up or you want to congratulate them on something, or even just want to tell them how much you love and appreciate them, writing it down and sending it to them in a card is a lovely gesture. A text is great, but something physical that you’ve taken the time to write out means that little bit more.

Send them flowers

This one costs a little bit more, but there’s nothing nicer than receiving flowers from someone. It shows you care and that you’ve put time, effort and money into your relationship with them. And what a nice surprise it would be to have them show up right at their front door.

Send them food

This is another that will cost you a little bit of money but is a lovely gesture. You could send them a takeaway or have some treats sent to their house. You could even pay for a food shop for them. People that are struggling may not always think of food, or may not have the time, money or energy to prepare dinner themselves, so sending them a treat or making sure they have a good evening meal is a lovely thing to do.

Send them something to do

Whether it’s a book, a craft, a game or something else entirely, picking out something that you think someone would enjoy, whether you’ve enjoyed something yourself and think they would too, or just spot something that reminds you of them, sending it to them when you can’t see them reminds them that you’re thinking of them. Plus, it’ll give them something to do when there’s not much going on, which is a lot of the time a the moment!

Hopefully this little list has given you a few ideas of how you can show someone you care this Christmas, even if you aren’t seeing them in person. Human connection is so important, now more than ever.

How do you like to show people you care when you can’t see them face to face? What could someone do to show you that they’re thinking about you?

6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Show People You Care This Christmas | Blogmas Day 6

  1. thathappyreader says:

    I love this post for its caring vibe. You’ve made several great suggestions on how to connect and remind those we have in our lives that we value them. Thanks for sharing.

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