Birthday Celebrations in Yorkshire

I celebrated my 20th birthday a few weeks ago but I'm only just getting round to writing up the posts I had planned so sorry for such a long delay on everything! My boyfriend and I booked a trip away to York to celebrate my birthday and I thought I would share a few pictures … Continue reading Birthday Celebrations in Yorkshire

Latitude 2018 | My Experience

Apologies for the lack of posts recently! I've had so so many ideas that I've really wanted to get out there but work took over and left me with no time, and any time I have had I've been too tired to want to do anything. BUT, I'm back and today's post is all about … Continue reading Latitude 2018 | My Experience

June Favourites

I swear July has come around so quickly - I've been so busy this month that it seems like it's flown by! I've actually started a weekly series where I document what I've been up to each week and I've detailed all of June! You can find the latest one here, if you're interested. I … Continue reading June Favourites