The Best Festive Red Lipsticks | Blogmas Day 16

For me, Christmas isn't Christmas without a festive red lip. Whether it's to brighten up a casual jeans and bobble hat combo, or to add a fancy touch to a Christmas party outfit, a red lip screams 'it's Christmaaaas' à la Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade (niche reference perhaps...?). When I was a teenager, I … Continue reading The Best Festive Red Lipsticks | Blogmas Day 16

Recent Beauty Purchases

Over lockdown, I started experimenting a bit more with my make-up. With nowhere to go, I had the time to explore the more neglected products in my collection and give brighter colours and bolder styles a go. One of my favourites was my wearable green eyeshadow look, and a bubblegum pink 80's inspired creation. A … Continue reading Recent Beauty Purchases