My Disney + Picks | Is it worth it?

I was umm-ing and ah-ing about getting Disney + as I was never really a Disney princess kid; I was much more interested in the cartoons or animal based Disney films so I didn't think I would get much out of it. I had Netflix and felt like that was enough! However, now I'm stuck … Continue reading My Disney + Picks | Is it worth it?

Podcasts You Should Listen To

Recently, I've been absolutely loving podcasts. I'd never really warmed to them before as I found that I just zoned out and missed a good ten minutes before realising I hadn't even been listening - I just thought they weren't for me. As it turns out, I was just listening to the wrong ones! I've … Continue reading Podcasts You Should Listen To

June Favourites

I swear July has come around so quickly - I've been so busy this month that it seems like it's flown by! I've actually started a weekly series where I document what I've been up to each week and I've detailed all of June! You can find the latest one here, if you're interested. I … Continue reading June Favourites