The Best Board Games for Christmas | Blogmas Day 18

Is there anything better than a board game at Christmas!? In the evening on Christmas Day when everyone is full of Christmas dinner and the drinks are flowing. On Boxing Day when there’s leftovers everywhere and everyone is relaxed. And every so often to fill the gaps of the ‘Chrimbo Limbo’. It’s very very rare that I won’t be up for board game, perhaps only during the hour when the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special is on, that’s the only exception.

Over the last few years, my family has added a few new games in amongst the classics and we have quite a few that we love to play over the festive season. So, I thought I’d share them with you today! In my opinion, these are some of the best board games out there (in the UK… you might have some absolute crackers elsewhere in the world that I’m missing out on) and I really recommend them!

The Classics


An absolute classic! I think we have at least one or two rounds of this every Christmas. Of course, there’s always someone you hope you’re paired with (the good drawer) and someone you pray you’re not (can barely manage a stick person) but it’s a load of fun all the same!


Ah, the family argument inducer! If there’s not someone raging because they’ve landed on a hotel on Park Lane and they’re going bankrupt, there’s definitely someone else getting caught swindling money from the bank. A long one, but worth it in my eyes. If you can keep the arguments at bay, this is a classic for Christmas.


This is potentially a personal favourite… It’s like a true crime board game which sounds perfect to me. I love trying to work everything out and make my guess before everyone else. This is one I’ve been playing with my family for a long time and I’m hoping it’ll be one of the first of this year.

Trivial Pursuit

Perfect for all the family, IF you can get one with a good mix of questions. I usually find that the game is either great for those born before 1980 or those born after and no in between. It’s great if you manage to get a game going that has questions for everyone!

Newer Additions to the Family

Play That Tune

This is one we only introduced last year but I love it! With four kazoos and cards with songs, you have to play the tune (hence the name!) for people to guess. It’s so simple but so much fun, and hilariously funny when someone is playing their heart out but no one has any idea what they’re playing!


This is another we introduced last year and it was definitely our most played! It was sold out everywhere for a while which shows its popularity. This one requires you to put the link together between four clues. I find it so addictive!

What games do you like to play at Christmas? Any we need to add to our collection?

7 thoughts on “The Best Board Games for Christmas | Blogmas Day 18

  1. envirolineblog says:

    Board games are just the best thing about Christmas! I get too bored too soon to play Monopoly πŸ™ˆ But I really like Trivial Pursuit (tho I rarely get them right) and of course Pictionary ❀


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