5 Last Minute Gift Ideas | Blogmas Day 17

I think we’ve all been there. We think we’ve done all of our Christmas shopping then all of a sudden, a few days before Christmas, we realise we’ve forgotten something! I’ve done it before and the panic… the panic! And after that first stomach-drop realisation, you then have to rush around thinking of ideas, and then you have to work out how you can actually get the gift to you when delivery in time for Christmas is long gone and the shops are packed and the roads are busy… and so on.

So, to save you that mad rush, and give you an alternative to the standard and impersonal money in a card, I’ve put together a few ideas for last minute gifts. Also, let this post serve as a reminder whilst there’s still time… are you SURE you’ve got everything you need!?

A hamper

A few Blogmas posts ago, I put together some ideas for Christmas hampers. If you go for a food or drink hamper, you could get most if not all of what you need from a supermarket so it’s perfect for a last minute gift! If you want some more ideas, check out the post.

A subscription service

Whether it’s to a magazine, a monthly fresh flower delivery or a beauty box, you could sign someone up to a year’s worth of something they love! There’s some amazing subscriptions out there so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one they’d enjoy.

Bake them something nice

What shows love and care more than baking!? If you’re really pressed for time, you could whip them up something quick and easy, like a tray bake, or make them their favourite dessert as a gift.

A membership

This one is quite broad, but if you know they love shopping, you could make them a member so they have free shipping all year, or a months worth of Spotify Premium. Or, if they love the National Trust, buy them a membership. Perhaps more pricey, but an easy last minute gift.

A gift card

I know a gift card is sort of just a little step up from money in a card, but you could make it much more personal to them. You could get them an Etsy gift card, or a restaurant one so they can treat themselves to a nice meal once restaurants are back open. Most supermarkets have so many available now, or you could send them a digital one.

What are your best last minute gift ideas?

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