December Fashion Favourites 2020 | Blogmas Day 13

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love winter fashion. I love to be wrapped up warm in knitted jumpers, scarves and bobble hats. I love skirts, tights and chunky boots. Long story short, I feel like winter is when my style comes into its own.

This year, I’ve been working from home since March so I feel like my style is literally just joggers and a jumper at this point, but in the last few weeks I’ve been venturing into the office once a week so I’ve been able to rummage through my much neglected wardrobe to find something nice to wear. I don’t make a huge amount of effort in terms of clothes for work, but I actually wore a belt and a pair of earrings the other day and felt very dressed up! My jeans are getting a new lease of life and I felt like I rediscovered what tights are!

Also, now the second lockdown in the UK has been eased, I’ve been taking a few more trips out. I’ve had to think more about what I’m wearing and I’ve really enjoyed it. Plus, I succumbed to a few Black Friday sales so I’ve added a few new bits to my wardrobe too. So, now my love for style has been reinvigorated, today’s post is all about my December fashion favourites.

Source: ASOS


I was introduced to the ‘shacket’ in Autumn but it feels like it’s is here to stay for a while, in my wardrobe at least! I bought mine from Bershka and I absolutely love it! It keeps me warm but isn’t too thick, which I love, and I purposely chose one with neutral colours so it goes with everything! I think they’re so versatile and perfect for the winter season.


Before this year, hoodies were something I kept reserved for in the house or a quick trip to the supermarket. Of course, Covid happened and since then hoodies have become a wardrobe staple! I now wear them as an intentionally styled part of on outfit rather than something I just chucked on. I love them with jeans and a jacket over the top, denim or a shacket are my faves! I’m all here for being cosy and looking good at the same time.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are a new addition to my wardrobe this year. Skinny jeans are well and truly on their way out but as a short girl (just about 5’2!) I was terrified of mom jeans and was clinging on to skinny jeans for dear life! However, I figured out that I just wasn’t trying the right pairs. I’ve recently bought a light blue pair and a black pair of mom jeans and I love them. I haven’t completely converted yet but I think I’m on my way!


Chelsea boots, chunky boots, heeled books, all the boots! As much as I love my trainers, they don’t get a look in during the winter months. Whether I’m wearing jeans, a skirt, a dress, I’ll most likely pair it with some boots. Chelsea boots are my usual go-to but this year I’ve been loving a chunky biker style this year. Also, they’re practical when it comes to walking on those icy days!

Jumper Dresses

Dresses and tights are one of my favourite style combinations but this year I’ve been going one step further – jumper dresses and tights! Not only do they look super cute, they keep you so warm too. I have a grey roll neck one which I love but I’m definitely going to invest in another one, perhaps one with a crew neck line instead.

Layered Necklaces

I went a little mad on layered necklaces in the Black Friday sales. ASOS had so much lovely jewellery on sale (I’m talking like Β£3 a piece) and I couldn’t resist. I very rarely buy myself any jewellery and I don’t own any ‘proper jewellery’, except one special ring I got for my 21st, so it felt like time to invest. I bought mainly already layered pieces or individual pieces that could all be paired together and I’ve been loving wearing them all. They really add to what would otherwise be a really plain outfit!

What are your fashion faves this month? Any winter staples I should add to my wardrobe?

9 thoughts on “December Fashion Favourites 2020 | Blogmas Day 13

  1. candacevh says:

    I really love the idea of layered necklaces, but have never actually worn them. I usually wear a pendant necklace and I feel it looks odd if I add anything extra.

    I am all about tights paired with skirts or dresses during winter, though with everything happening with covid, haven’t had a reason to dress up. Looking forward to when I can (which, at this rate, will be next year).

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