Introducing My New Project – Faith and Grace

A couple of months in the making and it’s finally here! If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve mentioned this a few times but I really wanted to introduce you to Faith and Grace over here!

After a few months of Lockdown in the UK (and now into the second one…), myself and my family were looking for something to fill our time. We’re all pretty creative and turned to painting and crafting in the evenings to take our minds off everything that was going on.

After trying a couple of different things and a lot of practice, we’ve developed a collection of products that we really love! A mixture of hand-crafted macrame and hand-painted, up-cycled glass, bottles and terracotta pots, we’ve put them all together under Faith & Grace!

At the moment we’ve got a few designs we love and we’re working on developing even more! Keep an eye out for design reveals over on our Instagram page.

We’d love your support! You can find us on Depop and Instagram. We’d love for you to make an order if you like any of our products, but if you’re not in a position to do this a follow or a share would be so appreciated!

17 thoughts on “Introducing My New Project – Faith and Grace

  1. Asaasi says:

    Oh wow! This looks like a very very interesting project. Some great pieces on show there. I am also venturing into something similar… very similar – handcrafted products! Here’s to both of our successes!


  2. prettyroundedcheyenne says:

    I love those! Super cute. I’ve started my own project this year as well. It’s fun having something crafty to work on!


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