Summer 2020 Photograph Round Up

Now we’re really heading into Autumn – the leaves are slowly changing and my jumpers are starting to come out of storage (!!) – I thought I’d do a quick round up of summer 2020 as a collection of photographs.

Of course, summer this year was pretty different to last year, and every other year for that matter, but with a slight easing of lockdown in England, I still managed to enjoy the warm weather as much as possible.

At the start of summer, the lockdown restrictions starting easing in England and we felt comfortable enough to head to the beach. We had a few trips to Covehithe beach in Suffolk which is pretty quiet. We went on a weekday evening to watch the sunset and we were the only people on the whole beach. As I’ve mentioned before, the beach is my happy place and this one is one of the best!

We actually went back to Covehithe a few weeks later, but this time on a weekend. It was definitely much busier but still really easy to stay away from everyone else. It was one of the warmer days of the start of summer and it was so lovely to sit by the sea. You actually have to walk through some woods and a lot of foliage to get there as it’s pretty secluded!

I also used summer to start experimenting with painting. I’ve always been OK at drawing, not the best but I could do the odd sketch. As there was very little open and not much to do, I thought I’d order some acrylic paints and just give it a go. I’ve never really painted before, let alone with acrylics, but the below picture is my first attempt! I actually don’t think it’s too bad, but it definitely needs work.

Another beach trip! This time it was to Walberswick in Suffolk. I actually wrote a whole post about this trip. We also headed over to Southwold as it’s right next door; we wandered down the pier and had fish and chips on the beach.

In the middle of July, we headed up to see my parents after the government announced that you were allowed to visit your family again. We hadn’t seen each other since March so it was such a nice trip. We took the dogs for a walk down the river and they went for a swim! My mum’s garden was in full bloom and the Buddleja bush was swarming with butterflies!

At the start of August I had my 22nd birthday. I spent it with my boyfriend and my family at home. My birthday cheesecake is below which was delicious! Despite it being much quieter than usual, it was such a great day. I’ve also written a birthday books haul if you fancy a read!

I also went on a little picnic with one of my best friends. We had so many snacks and I made chocolate covered strawberries. Just seeing that picture makes me want to make them again! She also gave me my birthday present which was wrapped in Harry Styles wrapping paper – what more could you want!?

We took ANOTHER trip to the beach, this time Southwold in Suffolk. It was during the UK heatwave and as we knew it would be so busy, we decided to go in the evening. It was still pretty warm and we had a quick dip in the sea which was definitely not quite as warm! We had a few gins on the beach too!

I had a few days off work at the end of August and spent them reading outside in the sun. It was a nice way to end the summer and enjoy the warm weather before the chilly winds and crisp air of Autumn sets in.

Did you get up to much this summer? Or are you much more excited for what Autumn has to bring? As much as I love summer, I’m definitely more excited for the autumnal period.

14 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Photograph Round Up

  1. Jaya Avendel says:

    I never got to the beach this summer, so looking at your photos made me sigh. I love the vibrant colors in your painting, and the birthday cake looks and must have tasted divine!
    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) says:

    Some really lovely photography there. You are so lucky you managed to find beaches which weren’t crowded, although not surprising seeing as one was on the other side of a wood (best of both types of nature)! That caramel cheesecake looks amazing! It was my birthday in May and we ordered in a huge curry takeaway from my fave cafe.

    Liked by 1 person

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