6 Reasons Why Taking a Break is SO Important

As I’m writing this, I’ve taken around a week and a half long break from blogging. It might not sound long, or maybe it does if anything longer than 2 days off leaves you itching to write, but it’s the longest I’ve had ‘off’ since May.

I suppose I wasn’t really completely off as I was still active on Instagram and Twitter, but my motivation and even my love to write was just gone. Luckily for me, I write around 2-3 weeks in advance so there was never a lack of blog posts. I don’t know if I just burnt out and then got myself into a rut, but every time I thought of writing I felt a sense of dread and as I sat at my keyboard nothing came out.

So after two or three days of feeling like this, I decided to just give in to the feeling and take a break. I spent time with my friends, read a few books (reviews coming soon I hope!), watched some YouTube videos and listened to folklore by Taylor Swift over and over again. And now, I feel inspired, refreshed and ready to write again.

This week and a half of a break got me thinking about how important it is to just take some time away sometimes, whether it’s from blogging, work or whatever has you feeling stressed or unmotivated. So, I’ve put together a list of 6 reasons why taking a break is so important.

  1. It’s a form of self care.

In recent years, the importance of self care has been really emphasised. Taking a break is such a vital form of self care. Recognising that you’re burning out and you need some time for yourself, and actually giving yourself that time, is one of the best things you can do for both your mind and body. I’ve felt it can be quite self destructive to keep going when I know I need to stop, so I’ve decided that I actually deserve that time to look after myself rather than to keep pushing until I literally can’t go anymore. Taking a needed break is a great way of proving, and acting on the fact, that you care for yourself.

2. It leaves you feeling refreshed.

It’s simple; having time away from what makes you feel stressed, and putting it out of your mind for a while (if you can), can make you feel more relaxed and rested. It’s like a reset; letting your mind focus on other things, or nothing at all, allows you to come back to what was originally making you feel stressed calm and collected instead. I had to get over the initial anxiety of not doing what I felt I needed to at first, and then as I started relaxing into my time off, letting my body and brain rest for a while, I began to feel reinvigorated and ready to go again.

3. It brings a new wave of motivation.

I always find that a lack of motivation is what leads me to taking a break, and more often than not, that drive comes back with a bang afterwards. Being stressed or burnt out can cause mild symptoms from decreased creativity and tiredness to more serious mental and physical health issues that severely impact your motivation. But, breaking away from whatever is causing this for a period of time allows you to rebuild that passion and drive, making you feeling happier, healthier and more motivated than before. A break allows you to refocus on what is important.

4. It gives you time to think.

When everything is go-go-go, your mind can often feel like it never stops. It’s so often just ‘onto the next thing’ and then the next and the next and you don’t get the time to reflect or contemplate your next move. Having time to think is essential for good productivity and for me, stability in my mental health, the decisions I make and things I do. When my brain feels overwhelmed, taking a break allows me to sort through my thoughts and file them away. Imagine a huge storage room with filing cabinets labelled “friends and family”, “work”, “blogging” and so on. Sometimes it feels like there’s paper flying everywhere, but a short break and time to think leaves the storage room in my brain neat, tidy and organised – for a while anyway!

5. It allows you to focus on real life.

I often think you can get trapped in a blogging bubble; everything you do and everywhere you go can seem like a photo opportunity, or you’re constantly thinking how you can turn something into a blog post. Sometimes this can really help with your creativity; other times, it can leave you feeling detached from real life. Spending some time away can remind you that a day out with your friends can be just that; you don’t always have to get the perfect insta snap and you don’t have to write about it. Sometimes you can just revel in the moment with the people you love.

6. It allows you to spend time doing the other things you enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging. I love writing and interacting with the blogging community, but alongside a full time job (which unfortunately is much less flexible time-wise than blogging!), I felt like I didn’t have time for the other things I enjoy. During my time off, I read two books, caught up on some YouTube videos, listened to some new podcasts and relaxed with my favourite music. It made me realise how important it is to have multiple hobbies and to make sure you spend time doing each one, essentially for your own happiness – why would you deprive yourself of so many things you enjoy!?

What do you do when you take a break? What makes you feel the most relaxed and refreshed?

43 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Taking a Break is SO Important

  1. middleagefanclub says:

    Completely with you on this. I have waves of real productivity where I’m full of ideas or can write poems with barely a thought about drafting. But every so often I have to just step away for my sanity, rather than force myself to write something that probably isn’t up to scratch.

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  2. Roni says:

    Yes yes yes!! Taking a break is so so important. I never used to allow myself to have a break because of how much I had to do but eventually I realised that taking a break would actually help my productivity afterwards.

    Roni | myelevatedexistence.com

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  3. Richie says:

    Hi Faith. The Gambling Industry in the UK has a slogan – “When the fun stops, stop.” I think the same could be said of blogging. For those of us that do it for fun, rather than as a money-making enterprise, taking a break when its stops being fun is a great idea. Anyway, glad to have you back blogging!

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  4. Jaya Avendel says:

    I love taking breaks between writing different books and stories or just when I need to recharge and think of something new. One rut I once fell into is letting my break go on for too long; eventually, breaks can become as tiresome as too much work.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

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  5. femaleoriginal says:

    When I took a break from social media/blogging earlier this Summer I came back feeling SO refreshed so I know exactly what you mean! I now spend at least a day week away from social media, it doesn’t necessarily have to be completely away from social media but it’s more of a relaxed social media day if that makes sense. I’ll post only if I suddenly feel the urge to, rather than doing it because i have to x


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  6. Nadim Alamuddin says:

    Loved your post. It hits home. I always like to take what I call “Me Time” – it really gives you time to reflect, to relax, to think and to be on your own. Some people like to meditate, I like to take my me time. Now that I think of it, I think I have written about it in a couple of my blog posts.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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  7. kayrivwriter says:

    Yes 100%! Breaks are so necessary, some people just have no idea. One of my good friends is a workaholic and she’s always on the go, all the time, and I’ve tried telling her that sometimes just taking a day or two off and just chilling would be so helpful for her because when you’re constantly doing this or that it’s eventually gonna catch up to you and not in a good way! Thank you for sharing!

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  8. Clarissa says:

    Great post Alex! I agree that taking time off from whatever is really important. It’s definitely, as you said, a form of self care. I think other countries understand this better than we do here in the US, where so many people never take time off for work. But I see all kinds of other countries shortening work weeks or encouraging employees to take more vacations, and they all see their employees productivity and creativity go UP! They’re on to something there. Thanks so much for the reminder!

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