Why Lockdown Made Me Want to Travel More

Ever since lockdown was announced in England in March, life has changed for a lot of people. From day to day changes, like working from home and queuing to get into the supermarket, to more serious and quite frankly devastating changes. I’m so so lucky to have not experienced much change from this lockdown, but I’m so aware that this is not the case for everyone and I’m in a very fortunate position.

One thing lockdown has changed for me is my desire to travel. Today, I thought I’d write about this as an attempt to draw the positives out of what has been a negative situation for many. Hopefully this post will be read in a light-hearted manner and allow many of us to look to the future, when the world becomes a bit more normal again.

Off the coast of Adeje, Tenerife

I’ve always felt like I’m in the minority with this, but I’ve never felt an overwhelming desire to travel like so many of my peers have. I never had that urge to work for a year for the sole purpose of saving up to travel. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see the world, but I wanted to do it at my own pace and not all at once.

Lockdown seems to have changed that for me! I still don’t want to dedicate a whole year or so of my life (and thousands and thousands of pounds in one go) to travelling, but it has most certainly been significantly bumped up my list of priorities.

Something I keep wondering is why? Why, since lockdown, do I think about seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and cities all the time? Why do I just want to hop on a plane and spend hours upon hours immersed in a new place? Quite simply, on the surface I think it’s because I’m one of those people that instantly wants to do something as soon as they’re told they can’t. Anyone else?

A bit of a deeper reason is that for the first time in my life, as a 21 almost 22 year old graduate, I have built savings of my own money and I feel that I have the freedom to spend it on what I want. And maybe what I want is to see more than the place in which I grew up.

Also, lockdown has restricted everyone. I think it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want to just get out of their house, when it’s safe and they feel comfortable, of course. I love my home comforts, but I don’t think I was made to stay in just one place my whole life. I’m itching to get out and about, to experience more things.

Looking even deeper, I know that as I get older, I’m going to have more and more responsibilities. I know I want a house and children, if I’m lucky enough to get what I want. Life by no means stops when that happens, but from what I understand, it makes certain things just that little bit harder for a while. I don’t know if it’s a subconscious worry, but the feeling of time being completely lost, months and months of nothing due to lockdown, I’ve become more aware of how I want to spend my youth; I’m so conscious of wasting complete freedom, energy and time.

Curbar Edge, The Peak District, UK

We did have plans for a holiday to America this year, and of course, like so many millions of other people, we’ve had to cancel it. But now, I want small Europe trips, city breaks and UK staycations. I want to tick places off my bucket list; Edinburgh, Berlin, Ireland, Iceland.

I wanted to write out some of the places I want to go to hold myself accountable if I don’t act on this. I’m hoping my first trip will be a staycation – a roadtrip up the East coast of England, one night stay in Newcastle and stops at the beach and at Alnwick (so I can see some of Hogwarts of course) on the way to Edinburgh.

This has never been a travel blog, but I’m hoping that when travel restrictions have lifted, and I feel safe enough to move around, I’ll start featuring trips on here. What kinds of things would you like to read about?

What’s changed for you in lockdown? Do you feel a stronger desire to travel now like me? Let me know in the comments.

17 thoughts on “Why Lockdown Made Me Want to Travel More

  1. nirajshah2003 says:

    I have always been a travel lover, and I am lucky to have travelled to so many places in Asia, Africa, Europe and America!! I think now I just want to travel to places in London, (i live in Harrow), as I feel staying at home after a while gets too much!!

    In terms of what I want to read about, I think a blog on what lock down has taught you would be really nice to read and a good way to reflect!!

    Thanks for sharing this! Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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  2. kayrivwriter says:

    I’ve definitely felt a stronger urge to travel since COVID-19 started. Even before though, I was really wanting to do it and I had even began making plans to do so before the virus hit. It’s one of those things like, I have no problem being at home and not really going anywhere on a normal day, but when you’re forced to do so it kinda has a different taste to it bahaha. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hannah says:

    I’ve been really depressed about not being able to travel this year. My husband and I were talking about going to Japan. It was good that we never bought tickets. But he says it looks like we probably won’t be able to go abroad until late 2021 or even 2022. And he’s not comfortable staying overnight in local hotels right now. Also, our state shut down for the 2nd time last week. I’m really hoping this pandemic passes once again so we can go back to traveling.

    Hannah | http://hannahonhorizon.com

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  4. Em and Jess says:

    I completely agree, my desire to travel and tripled since being in lockdown! Like you say, I’d love to see as much as I can before I decide to settle down in one place – next year we’d love to do Australia and some of SE Asia x

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  5. Anika May says:

    I definitely feel the same way. Lockdown has been a big eye-opener and I’m definitely itching to get out and see more of the world now. I have only been to a few countries around Europe but I’d like to travel even further once it’s safe to do so. Great post!

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

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  6. glowsteady says:

    I’ve always been a travel lover and have had a travel bucket list as long as my arm since I was about 10 but this has definitely made me want to get out more. I can definitely see why people booked a flight as soon as they could. Thoughts like that have crossed my mind more than once. I’m in the camp that wants to wait until things feel as normal as possible before I travel again but I’m desperate to go somewhere x


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    • alexfaithwrites says:

      I can completely understand why people have booked a flight, but I agree 100%, if I’m going to travel somewhere, I want to wait until it’s normal so I can experience it properly without any restrictions. Thanks for reading x


  7. Cherryl says:

    I think I feel just as strongly as I did before, not more – but what has changed is that I think I’ll be a lot more absorbent of little moments, and take more time to just soak up the little things the next time I travel, and not take any of it for granted – since we never know when the chance to do it could be snatched away again. 😊 🔆

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