The Best Affordable Brands for Mid-Size Fashion

I’ve spent my whole life feeling like my body type didn’t quite fit in anywhere. I didn’t look like the women modelling the clothes I saw, nor did I look like plus size beauties gracing my Instagram feed. However, I recently stumbled upon mid-size style and I’ve finally found my tribe!

If you relate to this, I really recommend looking up mid-size style accounts on Instagram. By following these accounts, I feel accepted, inspired and represented. I try my best to champion mid-size style on my Instagram so feel free to give me a follow if you fancy it!

So, in celebration of this long-awaited feeling of fitting in, I thought I’d share my favourite brands for mid-size girls. I’ve included a selection of brands that are affordable and, in my opinion, provide nice clothes in flattering cuts and styles that are true to size. For clarification, I’m usually a size 12-14 (but I own clothes that range from size 10 to 18!) and find all these brands to make clothes that are super pretty, make me feel confident and actually fit me!

Red and white floral patterned dress from Topshop


When I was in my teens, I thought Topshop was just for ‘skinny girls’. When I look back, I feel so sad for my younger self; I felt so left out and less-than, I was even embarrassed to try on a hoodie in there. My Nan had to actually tell me I had just as much right as the next person to be in there. I don’t know if this was coming from my insecurity or the image they were portraying at the time, I imagine it was a bit of both, but in my opinion, and now I’m older, this perception is not the case at all. Especially recently, Topshop have come out with some flattering tops and dresses that really suit mid-size bodies and I find their sizing, particularly with jeans, very favourable.

ASOS DESIGN white shirt dress


By this, I mean the clothes with an ASOS label, ASOS DESIGN I believe it’s called. I’ve ordered nice dresses, denim and basics from here and I’ve never been disappointed. I find it true to size and more often than not opt for a 12 which fits perfectly. I actually highly rate their gym leggings in the ASOS 4505 range – they fit so well and are really comfy. I haven’t found that they’ve lost their shape either. I would even go as far as to say that ASOS DESIGN clothes are my most worn items in my wardrobe!

Black ruffled crop cami from Topshop and black and white polka dot midi skirt from Glamorous


I discovered this brand on ASOS a few years ago and I found they have quite a range. There are some pieces I don’t think would suit me (but that’s just my personal preference!) and there’s also so many bits that are absolutely fab! I got a gorgeous red and white polka dot playsuit for my 20th birthday that I loved and a black and white polka dot midi skirt that was most definitely my most worn clothing item last year! I absolutely adore their accessories too.

Black halter top from Topshop and burgundy and leopard print wrap skirt from New Look

New Look

If I ever go out shopping, New Look is usually the first shop I stop in. It’s always been one of my favourites – it took over from Tammy Girl as I grew up! If I go looking for something, it’s very rare I won’t be able to find it here. I swear by their jeans and repurchase over and over again (once the thighs have worn thin…) and have a few different styles. I really recommend their ‘Lift & Shape’ range.

At the moment, I really feel like I have a good selection of brands for mid-size style. It’s taken a while but I’m building my wardrobe with pieces that suit me, were easy to find and affordable – and they actually fit!

Do you like any of these brands? Any others I just have to try?

8 thoughts on “The Best Affordable Brands for Mid-Size Fashion

  1. glowsteady says:

    I totally get what you mean about Topshop. I was a skinny girl and still didn’t feel like I fit in with their skinny girl vibe so I can definitely see how other sizes would feel that way about them. It’s great that you’ve found some mainstream brands that make clothes that make you feel good and fit well. I love that ASOS shirt dress, it looks like a style that would be flattering on so many different body shapes as well! x


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  2. hannahthemaddog says:

    I’m a midsized woman too. I live in the US and was a teen in the mid-2000s so Abercrombie and Hollister were huge, and full of really thin girls. I bought a few things there but I didn’t feel like I fit in with the aesthetic. I like American Eagle a lot better, they are more welcoming and open to different body shapes. I love the first dress you shared.


    Liked by 1 person

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