How to Host the Best Lockdown Quiz | 10 Quiz Category Ideas

Since lockdown was annouced, it seems like absolutely everyone and their dog has been taking part in a quiz! I sit down at 8pm every Sunday evening for one with my family and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself entertained, lift spirits and keep in touch with family.

We’ve been going for seven weeks now and we’re always looking for new ways to spice it up; sometimes the same categories each week can get a bit boring! As it was my turn this week, I thought I’d throw in a few new categories to keep it exciting.

As I was writing the quiz, I thought that there must be other people struggling for ideas, so I decided I’d share them. Below is a list of different and creative quiz categories to make you the best host going!

Family/Friends Trivia

This was one of my favourites. Think of it as general knowledge but within your family or friendship group. The host has to think up a bunch of questions about the people in the quiz, things only the people there would know, for everyone else to answer. It becomes a test of who knows who best, but it’s definitely a nice change from questions about food or geography!

Guess the Film – with a twist!

This was one I tried out this week! The aim is for players to guess the film based on the image – but get them to chuckle a bit first. Grab a still of a famous film scene from the internet, or the movie poster, and edit the quiz players into it to disguise it. It sounds complicated but I put together around 10 different images in an hour or so. I put my cat on an image of Simba and my Nan into The Sound of Music. Your editing doesn’t have to be the best, mine certainly wasn’t, but it adds a fun little twist to the quiz.


I love this one! Pick a topic, like bands or celebrity names, and pop them into an anagram generator. It often has people stumped for a while and is a nice alternative round to stick in at the end. A little tip for those trying to figure it out is to write the anagram out in a cluster or circle, not in the correct order, to mix the letters up. It’s a bit easier to decipher the answer when you don’t have the funny phrase in front of you!

Here’s some examples: Basil Ride (Answer: Idris Elba), Perm Restyle (Answer: Meryl Streep).

Finish the Lyric

We’ve found that our connection often isn’t good enough to play songs – it’s all crackly and no one can actually hear them. So, we decided to use finish the lyric instead. The start of a line of a song is read out and the players have to finish it. We went for a point for the lyric and two bonus points for the name of the artist and song. It’s a good way to get 15 points for a 5 question round! I used ‘Everyday discovering something brand new…” and no one got it! Leave a comment if you got it… bonus point for the artist and song!


Remember the craze over those logo guessing games a few years ago? It’s time to bring them back! It’s such an easy one to plan – all you have to do is find the pictures online. We’ve had a few rounds of guessing logos and it’s a great addition to a quiz. It’s one of the rounds that gets so frustrating when you know you’ve seen it before but you just can’t think what it is!


This is another one like guess the logos. Slogans are so easy to find online and all you have to do is read them out and let people drive themselves mad trying to remember! You can go for differing levels of difficulty, from ‘Just Do It’ to something like ‘Why have cotton when you can have silk?’ If you got that last one, you’re much better than me as I had absolutely no idea!

Guess Who’s Body

This is a good one for personalising your quiz to your family or friends. Find pictures of each player and crop it to show only their smile or eyes, or whatever you want, and get everyone to guess. This can be quite a funny round and something a bit different.

First to Grab an Object

This is one for the more energetic bunch. Every now and then, throw in a surprise request for common household objects and give the first person to get it a bonus point. First to get a ladle or toilet roll or picture frame. It’s quite entertaining to see people scramble around looking for things as quick as they can.

Make the Connection

This round is essentially Linkee. If you’ve never played Linkee, I highly recommend it. It’s a great game where you have four questions in which the answers to those all link together get one overall answer. It’s four questions in one and a nice alternative to general knowledge.

Who Can Draw the Best…

Why not add a bit of doodling into the quiz? This one is pretty subjective as there will never be a right asnwer but I’d love to add a drawing round into a quiz so the host can decide which is best. It’s a bit like pictionary – inevitable arguments over what the drawing actually is.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for your next quiz. Surprise your friends and fmily with your creative categories and get them laughing with your lively rounds. I’d love to know if you use any of these – leave me a comment if you do!

Do you have a quiz with your friends and family? What categories do you use? Any I should add?

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