The Ultimate Guide to Lockdown TV: My Top 5 Picks

Like most people, since lockdown was announced, I’ve turned to TV for entertainment, comfort and distraction. Whether it’s keeping up with the escapades of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim, tuning in to watch other people watching TV on Channel 4 or singing along to the Friends theme tune, it’s provided such a good distraction from the current situation – and it’s a great way to fill the time!

So, I thought I compile a list of my top 5 lockdown TV picks, just in case you’re looking for some new things to watch – or you just want to see what someone else has been watching!

tv lockdown picks 1

Gavin & Stacey is not on this list… I feel like it’s a given, I’m always watching it!

Normal People on BBC iPlayer

Now, I’m going to have to keep this short… I LOVE Normal People. It follows the intense, heartbreaking and real relationship between Irish teens Connell and Marianne, allowing you to watch them figuring out themselves, each other and the world from high school to university. I read the book last year and had been waiting for the TV adaptation for so long. I really want to write my own review on this as I have SO many thoughts and feelings about it, so look out for that soon if you’re interested. If you’ve read the book, this show does not disappoint. And if you haven’t, please watch it, and then read the book too.

The Good Place on Netflix

I’m so late to the party on this one, but I’d had it sitting on my Netflix list for quite a while so thought lockdown was the best time to get started. Focusing on Eleanor’s journey in the after life, or The Good Place, where everything isn’t quite as it seems, it’s laugh-out-loud funny and has so many excellent twists and turns. Four seasons of half hour, light-hearted episodes makes it easy to watch, and easy to binge, perfect for distracting from the uncertainty of the current situation.

New Girl on Netflix

Another light-hearted comedy that’s great for watching all at once! Jess moves into an apartment with three single guys after a bad break-up, leading to seven seasons of hilarity and emotion. I’m currently only half way through this series but I love it and find myself sticking it on most days. The characters are lovable and funny, and the story lines are easy to follow and pretty tame, perfect for low maintenance viewing. If you loved Friends or How I Met Your Mother, you’ll love this too.

This Country on BBC iPlayer

You’ve probably seen clips of Kerry and Kurtan all over social media! Created by brother and sister Daisy and Charlie Cooper, this mock-umentary comedy following young people in rural Britain is hilarious, ingenious and so true to my upbringing! If you grew up in the British countryside, you’ll probably relate to this like nothing before. Series 1 to 3 are well worth the watch.

Life and Birth on BBC iPlayer / BBC One, Tuesday at 8pm

For all those One Born Every Minute lovers, this one’s for you! After a friend recommended this to me, I watched all available episodes at once. I’m now looking forward to every Tuesday evening for the next few weeks so I can get my fix. I love seeing the rollercoaster of pregnancy and birth, the skill and compassion of midwives and doctors and the fascinating inner workings of modern medicine.

What have you been watching recently? Anything I should give a watch whilst in lockdown?

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Lockdown TV: My Top 5 Picks

  1. Nancy says:

    It is great when you find some good watches on Netflix and other streaming services. The Good Place looks like an interesting show. I need to check that one out! It is a bummer that I don’t have BBC – but wow, Life and Birth is another interesting one. I binged on WestWorld, Ozark, and a few other shows lately! Thanks for shring!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • alexandrafaithwrites says:

      Isn’t it amazing!? I really recommend Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney too! And yes, 100% watch it! So funny x


  2. Alice Myles says:

    I watched New Girl back when it first came out and loved it then so I’m so happy that it’s on Netflix now! I introduced it to my mum and she ended up finishing it before me (she’s literally rewatched it three times)

    Liked by 1 person

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