Latitude 2018 | My Experience

Apologies for the lack of posts recently! I’ve had so so many ideas that I’ve really wanted to get out there but work took over and left me with no time, and any time I have had I’ve been too tired to want to do anything.

BUT, I’m back and today’s post is all about my first festival experience.

Festival season is in full swing and this year, I went to my first festival and joined in with all the fun. I went to Latitude Festival which is a weekend event in Suffolk, near Southwold, and is actually my ‘local’ festival.

Latitude was around for all of my childhood but we just never went! Whilst I was at school and sixth form, people in my year started to go but the opportunity didn’t arise for me to go. However, when my boyfriend and I heard that The Killers were headlining this year, we had to get tickets! I didn’t know what to expect for a weekend festival but we decided to go for it and got weekend tickets.


(Side note: I’ve already posted all about the outfits I wore over the weekend which you can find here if you’re interested!)

On Friday, we made our way down to Henham Park and made the looong trip from the car to the campsite with all our stuff. I’d also never camped before so that added to the experience even more! After we got through wristbands and bag checks, we scouted out a spot for our tent.

We actually had friends and family coming for the day on Saturday and with this in mind, we set up quite near the entrance, and, conveniently, right next to the water supply which was fab! We sat and chilled in the tent for a bit before heading to the main arena. It was actually really nice to just relax with a few ciders and it felt so cosy – our little home for the weekend!

We headed into the main arena and did a bit of a scout around. I was so impressed at the amount of stages and food stalls and things to do – I’m sure this is the same at most festivals but having never been before, it was a whole new world for me! It was so pretty and I took quite a few photos of our surroundings.

We got a few drinks whilst we were there and loved getting new refill cups each time! We brought one home with us, although it wasn’t my favourite one!

For dinner, we went to the Anna Mae’s mac ‘n’ cheese stall which was INCREDIBLE! I had the Annie Mac and Jake had the Kanye Western – I was living for these names!


We sat in the BBC Music tent for a while and it was nice to just enjoy some live music but we actually spent a lot of the evening in the comedy arena. We saw Rachel Parris and Bridget Christie who were amazing! I really recommend checking them out, especially Rachel Parris’ songs which had us in stitches – and singing along!


To end the evening, we sat and watched the sun go down in the Obelisk Arena with various acts coming on and off and caught the beginning of Solange before deciding we were exhausted and headed back to the tent!

Our first day was an amazing first festival experience – a great atmosphere, amazing food and an all-round good time.

Our first camping experience was none of these things. Turns out, camping near the water, and a big light, is not the best idea. Neither is it a good idea to set up camp near a tree and only bring sleeping bags and nothing else to sleep on. It was a night of broken sleep and sore backs! BUT, we were under prepared and worse things could have happened!

The next day, it was absolutely sweltering. I’d planned a backless outfit with a little bit of ‘tit tape’ to hold it all down but I was sweating so much that I had no chance of getting it all modestly pinned to my body! I swiftly changed outfits and we got ready for our friends and family to arrive for our second day.

My two outfits of the day!

Our second day was even better than the first! We got some really cute group pictures, had a few more ciders and made our plan for the day. And, of course, covered ourselves in glitter! We knew we wanted to see Alvvays, James Acaster, Alan Davies, Jessie Ware, The Vaccines and, of course, The Killers.

We had a few hiccups – James Acaster was so popular we couldn’t actually get in to see him – but we managed to do everything we wanted!

A few of the memorable moments include the sunburn – oh, the sunburn! As I mentioned before, I was covered in glitter which means I know have lovely little glitter marks within my tan lines… it’s quite the look! Another was the dust! As well as burnt, I ended the day so so dirty!

Really, what we came for was The Killers and they did not disappoint! They were absolutely incredible and it’s definitely something ticked off my bucket list. I always wanted to see them but never ever thought I would, especially not with my boyfriend and some of my best friends. By this time, my phone was barely holding on to 1% battery so I didn’t get many pictures or videos but here are a few!

After The Killers, we decided to head off home. Even though we had access to the next day, we actually would have had to leave around lunch time to make sure we were home and ready for work the next day so we thought it was best to leave when we had a group of people to help us pack up! I had a sleep in the car and we got McDonalds before we got home – a pretty good end to the day in my books!

So, there we have my first festival experience! Obviously, it was loud, the camping wasn’t great and the toilets were hideous but this was everything I had been expecting and I still loved it! I hope we get to go to more festivals in the coming years!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been to any festivals this year?

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