Podcasts You Should Listen To

Recently, I’ve been absolutely loving podcasts. I’d never really warmed to them before as I found that I just zoned out and missed a good ten minutes before realising I hadn’t even been listening – I just thought they weren’t for me.

As it turns out, I was just listening to the wrong ones! I’ve now found a group of podcasts that I’ve been absolutely loving and had to share them with you! If you already love podcasts or, like I was, looking for some to spike your interest, here’s a list of the ones I’ve been listening to, enjoying and 100% recommend for you, too!

Love Island: The Morning After

As I’ve said before, I’m completely obsessed with Love Island! I’m so sad that, as I’m writing this, there’s actually only a week left of the show so although there will only be a few more corresponding episodes of this podcast, I still love it and definitely recommend it.

Love Island: The Morning After is hosted by Arielle Free, presenter and DJ, and Kem Cetinay, ex-Islander from 2017, and they discuss the events of the previous evenings Love Island episode! The hour’s episode is just not enough for me and I have to dedicate half an hour the next morning to listen to this, too. They often bring on special guests and even dumped Islanders, as well as presenting ‘pod-ictions’ for the upcoming shows, giving me even more of a Love Island fix to keep me going until the next episode.

I love hearing what other people thought of the show and it often has me giggling, too. A chilled and funny podcast for easy listening. Find on acast.

Is It Just Me?

This podcast came from Glamour’s Hey It’s OK, which I’ve been listening to first and will talk about with this podcast, and is hosted by Jo Elvin and James Williams. I went right back to the start of this podcast, listening to episodes from back in 2016 and have been obsessed. Along with a celebrity guest, Elvin and Williams discuss a wide range of both important and trivial, yet hilarious, topics which make you think and chuckle at the same time.

This podcast feels just like a good chat with your friends – like those long talks about anything and everything that make you forget about the time. Some of my favourite episodes have been with guests Katherine Ryan, Marian Keyes and Louise Pentland which have been interesting, positive and amusing.

Is It Just Me? is available on acast, Apple Podcasts and other sites. Definitely check it out – I’m sure they’ll be at least one episode with a great guest and brilliant topics that will interest you!

At Home With… 

This is one of the newer podcasts I’ve been listening to. At Home With… is hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. They go into the homes of their friends and guests, talking about the interiors of their houses and having a chat and catch up. Again, this podcast makes you feeling like you’re with friends – it’s cosy and cute, yet inspiring and informative. I personally loved Jo Elvin, Giovanna Fletcher and Zoe Sugg’s episodes but there’s a whole load of different guests that provide great listening content.

I listen to this on acast but it’s available on other services, too. Season 2 has just started, beginning with At Home With… Tanya Burr and I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!

These are the three main podcasts I’ve been obsessed with recently. I feel like podcasts on the up – more and more people are tuning in as well as creating their own and, let me tell you, I’m definitely here for it!

Have you been loving any podcasts recently? Please let me know as I’d love to add to my ever-growing list!

2 thoughts on “Podcasts You Should Listen To

  1. Cinnamon Buns and Roses says:

    I’ve never really listened to podcasts before, but it is something that has been recommended to me a few times, so think I will have to take the plunge! Some of these podcasts sound really interesting! Although I don’t watch Love Island (shock horror!) so will probably give that one a miss 😛 Sam x


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