Festival Outfits

Festival season is definitely upon us. My Instagram feed is overflowing with snaps of people having the best time in the sun, watching their favourite artists and showing off the most amazing looking food – seriously, I dream of the food at festivals.

Online clothing shops are also teeming with festival-specific clothes that give me fab summer vibes. Festival outfits are some of my favourites – who doesn’t love a more eclectic style with glitter, sequins and bright colours!? Considering this, I thought I’d create a post all about festival outfits!

I actually went to my first festival at the weekend! I went to Latitude which is my closest festival (and The Killers were headlining so there was no question about whether we were gonna go) and although I’m going to write a whole post about my experience (keep an eye out!), I’m going to share my outfits from the weekend with you here!

I wore three different outfits over the weekend and actually loved each of them! I tried to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit and try outfits that showed off more skin than I’m used to, were cropped or meant that I couldn’t wear a bra – and if you can’t do that at a festival, when can you!?

My first outfit was this Primark playsuit that I got last year, paired with my denim jacket and Converse. I thought floral and denim would be a cute first day outfit and the playsuit was so comfy. As it was so hot, something light and airy was absolutely perfect and kept me cool but looked nice, too.


My second outfit was more of a risque choice for me! I wore these black ripped denim shorts from ASOS. I find shorts quite hard to buy as I can never get something that fits my waist, bum and legs but these are actually one of the best finds I’ve had in a while! I wore them with a sequin top, also from ASOS, that actually had no back – it was literally just string! I paired it with rainbow socks, too! Again, not something I usually go for but I wanted to mix it up a bit. I wore this in the morning and loved the way it looked but I had to change – I bought some tape to stick the sides down (I didn’t want to risk a nip-slip) but as it was so hot, I was sweating too much for it to stick –  not really practical! I really wanted to be comfy for the day in the arena as I knew we wouldn’t be back to the tent until late so I changed, but this was actually my favourite outfit!

This was what I changed into and was my outfit for all of Saturday. I wore the same ASOS black denim shorts with a cropped cami from Missguided. As it’s such a low-cut top, I wanted to do the underwear-as-outerwear thing and specifically wear a bra that I wanted to show off so it was part of the whole look. I actually really liked this outfit and although it wasn’t the most out-there or colourful, I went all-out on the glitter to make up for it!


In my opinion, glitter is a festival essential and completely makes the outfit – even if I now have glitter shaped patches of white on my skin where I tanned around them… I’m not even joking.

Of course, I wore my sunglasses and denim jacket with each of these outfits – I actually couldn’t have gone without them! The dust and the sun meant that I needed both of them to protect me! Luckily, they looked fab with my outfits, too.

This was my first attempt at festival fashion but I really enjoyed experimenting with different items, colours and styles! What’s your perfect idea of festival fashion?

Items mentioned in this post:

Primark Floral Playsuit – here is a similar one from New Look.
Topshop Denim Jacket with Elbow Rip
ASOS Black Ripped Denim Shorts
ASOS Sequin Top
Missguided Black Cami – here is a similar one from ASOS.
Primark Sunglasses – here are some similar ones from ASOS.

4 thoughts on “Festival Outfits

  1. Annie says:

    I love the combination of floral and denim! I’ll definitely have to try it myself! Floral patterns are everywhere in my wardrobe. And I recently got a denim jacket that I really want to wear more often! Great post!


  2. Nancy says:

    I always love seeing what people wear to festivals! I’ve only been to one once and realized we need something super comfortable!! Love hearing that you’re going out of your comfort zone. Keep breaking that barrier!! I love all of your outfits – you look great ♥

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  3. eviebraithwaite says:

    Haha I couldn’t agree more that glitter is a festival staple, I always end up with it everywhere when I’m home! I’m loving all of your outfits, especially them black ripped shorts! I also think a denim jacket is an essential for a festival. Great post! x

    Evie x | https://eviejayne.co.uk


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