New Look Try-On Haul

About a week ago, I popped into town to run a few errands and ended up trawling through New Look. I was looking for something to wear to a few of the events I have coming up. I ended up finding something for those but I also picked up some other bits to see me through the summer which I thought I would share with you.

New Look has some fab stuff in at the moment! I’ve been obsessed with their accessories for ages but their clothes have been so good recently – perfect for summer!

I thought I would do this as a try-on haul so you could get a better look at what the clothes look like on as well as how I’ve been styling them. I’m actually so excited to start wearing these bits – I’m sure they’ll feature on the blog again in the future!


Red Cami – £4.99
Striped Trousers – £25.99 – I couldn’t find these exact ones online so I’ve linked some similar ones here. I did get them in store very recently so there’s a chance you could still find them.

This is the outfit I’m going to wear to something I’m doing later this month. I had no idea what I was going to wear until I found this and I thought it was fab for the occasion – I’ll most likely do a post all about it! The trousers are very long on me so I’m going to have to either take them up or always wear heels with them!


Button Front White Cami – £12.99

As I bought these trousers, I was on a quest to find tops to go with them. Although I bought the red one above, I’m not always the biggest fan of cropped shirts so I loved this full-length one to tuck in! I also think it’ll look so cute with denim shorts or black jeans through the summer! White clothing with a hint of tan is one of my fave looks for the summer!


Button Front Black Cami – £12.99

As I loved the white one so much, I bought the black one, too! They’re such simple camis which are perfect for summer and go with everything! I mainly bought this one for work as we have to wear all black but pairing monochrome with red is one of my style favourites so I’ll probably be using this top to achieve that, too!


Red Paisley Print Bandana – £3.99

I picked this up just as I was on my way to the till. I’ve always loved things like this but never really thought about getting one so when I saw it, I just thought – why not!? I’m heading to a festival in July and I’m thinking I’ll probably try and style this in some way for that. Until then, I’m going to attempt to wear it on an everyday basis which will be a bit of a challenge!

I hope you enjoyed this post! This was a bit of a new one for me! I mentioned recently that I was becoming more comfortable in front of the camera instead of just behind it which made me want to do a try-on post rather than just a haul. I think, and hope, this confidence is staying – at least for a little while!

What shops have you been loving recently?

21 thoughts on “New Look Try-On Haul

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    I love that button front cami especially in the white, everything in high street stores seems to have these big buttons on at the minute they must be popular. Those trousers are gorgeous too, I’m really tall so they might be perfect for me, I’ll keep an eye out for them! You look beautiful in all of these outfits

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedaysofdaydreaming says:

      Yes, those buttons definitely are! I’ve seen them on camis, shirts, skirts and dresses – they’re everywhere this summer! And the trousers are amazing, I’m finding them so much easier to style than I first thought! Thank you so much x


  2. m4gical says:

    I’m loving the red bandana! I always feel like they don’t suit me though! I’m obsessed with an outfit I got from primark, a mustard yellow crop and dungarees, I recently posted a haul with them in. Loving the new look sale atm with all the summery stuff 😍 x x


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