Accessory Love: Hoops

This year, I’ve had a new found love for all things accessories; jewellery, bags, belts – you name it, I’ve probably tried to style it out in the last few months! Mainly, my love has been for earrings, specifically hoops. So, today, I wanted to dedicate a whole post to the different types of hoops I’ve been trying to rock this year and give you some ideas of the types you could try, too!

Though I started my collection pretty plain – just a standard silver hoop – I’ve now branched out into more adventurous styles. I’m talking pom-poms, tassels and rose-gold hexagons! They might not be to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love them. I think they jazz up an outfit and a lot of the time, they’re my way of adding a pop of colour. The ones I go for are also always really affordable – I tend to just pick them up from high street shops or pop them into my basket at the end of an ASOS shop.

So, here are the hoops I’ve been loving recently…

These gold and pink pom-pom hoops are from New Look. I only picked these up the other day so if you like them, there’s a chance they’re still in store! You can also find them here. These are probably the most adventurous types I’ve tried and they’re taking a little getting used to. I’m guessing they’re probably pretty love or hate, but I love them and I’m enjoying trying to style them with different outfits. I’ve worn them with a blue denim jacket and jeans (I actually love double denim) and a plain white cami, but my vision is to wear them with a bit of a tan, a floaty white dress and curly hair. I’m sure if I ever get round to styling this, there will defo be a post all about it!

These small silver hoops were from Primark and came in a pack of 6. They were all different sizes and these were the smallest. I got these quite a while ago so I’m not sure if the exact same ones are still in store but these ASOS ones are almost identical! These are probably my most worn hoops. They’re smaller so are perfect for everyday. I find they add something extra to an outfit and I tend to go with all the clothes I own, to be honest! These are definitely great if you’re starting to experiment with hoops as they allow you to start small and move on to bigger ones when you feel more comfortable.

These came from the same pack of 6 as the ones before. These aren’t the biggest ones in the collection but I still think they’re a really good size. I tend to wear these on a night out rather than on an everyday basis but you definitely could wear them more casually! I think a silver hoop earring is a staple in any jewellery collection and these Primark ones are affordable, durable and look fab so are definitely worth it!

These rose-gold hexagons were initially totally out of my comfort zone but now I love them! I saw Zoella wearing some similar ones in a vlog quite a while ago and I thought they looked fab so I wanted to get some for myself. I don’t think mine are the exact ones she had but I got these from New Look. I couldn’t find my ones either so here are some similar, but smaller, ones from ASOS. I’ve seen hexagonal hoops in a few different stores recently so there are definitely some alike ones around somewhere! These are A LOT bigger than I’m used to and are harder to style but I’m enjoying trying to figure out what goes with them. I think they’re quite a statement piece so I try to pair them with more minimalist, monochrome outfits.

These hoops have been everywhere at the moment! I’d been lusting after them for a while and I finally saw this pair in New Look! My boyfriend wasn’t keen but I absolutely loved them and had to get them! If I remember rightly, there were so many different colours of these – I think I saw green, navy and baby pink – but I chose burgundy as I thought it would go with more of my clothes. I can’t find the colour I have but here are the options available online. I’ve worn these out for meals, even to job interviews, and I think they look really nice! I tend to wear them with curly hair and dark lipstick to try to add a pop of colour and they look so nice just poking out of your hair!

Now that I’ve rambled about my favourite types of hoops for quite a while, I hope that this post inspired you to try out hoop earrings or gave you some ideas of different ones you could pick up!

I love both the simple hoop and the more adventurous, tasselled and hexagonal ones, too!

15 thoughts on “Accessory Love: Hoops

  1. blacktulipbeauty says:

    I love hoops, they’re definitely my favourite type of earring! It’s so fab that they’re branching out more with styles now. I’m particularly loving the pom pom and hexagon ones – i saw some in primark the other day and am now wishing I grabbed them!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. foundationsandfairytales says:

    You can definitely rock the hooped earring look! I always see some beautiful ones but unfortunately I don’t think hooped earrings suit me. Great post, I love all the pairs you picked!

    Jess //

    Liked by 2 people

    • thedaysofdaydreaming says:

      Ah thank you! I didn’t think they suited me either but I kept looking out for different ones and eventually tried some! Now I’m obsessed! X


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