My Second Year of University

I’ve finally completed my second year of University! Wooo! I can’t express how excited and relieved I am to be able to write that.

I swear, second year has been a wild ride. After the excitement and adjustment of first year, second year was intense, busy and quite a struggle. If you want to read my summary of first year, you can find it here. I feel like second year is where everything amps up; the excitement and newness of University that you get in first year settles as you become more comfortable and familiar with what you’re doing and, for me at least, the work load increased massively which changed the nature of the experience for me. Second year was quite odd, but good, and after speaking to some of my friends, I’m definitely not alone in this.

Having said that, although second year was a challenge (to say the least!), I also made some fab friendships, had so many laughs and made some great memories. If you’re like me and you like having a nosy at what other people get up to at Uni, this post will be great for you. And if not, it also gives a good idea of what second year might be like if you’re heading into it.

I spent the summer before working full-time. Moving back to Uni was a bit of an lifestyle adjustment. I moved into a house instead of halls and had so much fun decorating my room and getting used to living in a bigger building instead of just one corridor! It was odd going back into having my own time and independence as well as less of a structure compared to my life during the summer but I enjoyed it all the same. I lived in a house of 6 girls and we had a great year. I’ve made so many memories with them that I’ll never forget. I bonded with friends by binge watching Stranger Things and Friends, taking late night trips to the shops for ice-cream and bourbons and staying up chatting, looking after each other during nights out and ordering desserts to our door.


The House Gals

The workload was much bigger than before and I spent much more time in the library. I ended up pulling an all-nighter on an essay I’d left to the last minute. That experience has scarred me and I hope I never leave myself in that situation again – one hour of sleep, a sore back from being hunched over my laptop and repetitive dreams reciting the essay. Never again! I have also enjoyed my work this year – I’ve prepared for my dissertation and been able to study so many interesting subjects. I gained a lot of independence in first semester as I was separated from my friends and attended seminars and lectures where I didn’t know anyone – I made lots of new friends through this, many of whom have contributed to my memories of second year.

As well as studying, second year included nights out and day trips that made my experience special.

Bonfire Night was definitely a highlight for me. I really enjoyed it in first year and this year did not disappoint. I was even more prepared this year than last and wrapped up extra warm – I made the mistake the year before of rolling the ends of my jeans up and ended up not feeling my ankles for a few days!

Abbey Park, Leicester

I also went on a trip to Warwick Castle with my boyfriend. I rushed back from Uni and we spent the afternoon exploring the castle and enjoying the Halloween celebrations that had been put on. The history student within me loved the Henry VIII display!

I also went on quite a few nights out. We had bar crawls, club nights and trips that ended up in long queues, giving up and getting a Subway before heading home!

I also made use of what the city had to offer, visiting new restaurants and exploring the surroundings, a highlight being going out for a Sunday roast. I was also introduced to the Leicester Tigers and made rugby games a big part of my second year experience!

A big part of my second year was also driving lessons. I took a lesson every week and passed my test first time in March! I now know my way round the roads of Leicester better than I ever would have done otherwise!

Whilst second year of University was a great experience for me, I also faced a lot of struggles and challenges, specifically with my mental health and ability to cope with the stresses of Uni. Whilst this was tough, and is something I hope to discuss in another post, it was a small part of my experience and I’m determined to not let it define it.

Mostly, second year was amazing. I worked hard, made great friendships and took advantage of my freedom and youth. Though I’m relieved its over, I will remember it fondly. Still, onwards and upwards to third year and whatever it will bring!

I hope you enjoyed this post – I love having a read of what people get up to at Uni and what their experiences are like! If you have any posts on your time at Uni, feel free to link them below as I’d love to have a peek, especially if they’re on your third year as I’m excited to see what my third and final year of University could be like!

17 thoughts on “My Second Year of University

  1. bbbryony says:

    I’m glad you had a good second year at uni! I’ve never been to uni myself but it seems like such a good experience especially to meet new people however I don’t think I could handle all the exams ahaha x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. foundationsandfairytales says:

    Congratulations on passing your driving test and getting through your second year of uni! University never appealed to me and I didn’t want to go at all but now that I work I would never want to go back into education so I do wish I’d gone straight from sixth form when I had the chance! I really enjoyed reading what you got up to this year though!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    • thedaysofdaydreaming says:

      Thank you! I have to admit, I always, always wanted to go to Uni, literally since I knew what it was! But I worked full time last summer and when I went back to Uni afterwards, it didn’t appeal to me as much! I think working is so much better and I can’t wait to get back out there when Uni is finished! Xx


    • thedaysofdaydreaming says:

      Thank you, it is definitely such a relief! I’m going to enjoy it even more as I know this is my last one ever! X


  3. Laura says:

    Congratulations on finishing second year and passing your driving test!! Loved reading about what you got up to in your year – I definitely miss ordering desserts to my door at uni 😂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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