My Second Year Goals: The Review


Now I’m mid-way through my second semester of Second Year, I thought it would be a good time to review the goals I set myself at the start academic year and see how I’m getting on.

This is an update on my  goals, you can find the original post here.

  • Study hard. 
    I said I wanted to work even harder than I did last year and I definitely think I have. I spend a lot more time in the library than I thought I would and I’m a week ahead of my work at the moment, as well as starting my essays earlier, too. I also said I wanted to get at least one first in my second year assignments and I’ve actually managed to pass two of my modules so far with firsts! This is one that is definitely on track!
  • Find a part-time job.
    This one needs some work. Although I did try to find a job, I could have tried harder. I think this is something that I will have to pick up in third year now but I have plans to work over the summer which will be good experience- and money-wise.
  • Volunteer.
    If I’m honest, I completely forgot about this one. I’ve researched a few different opportunities but I haven’t found the time yet. I’m hoping this is something I will still be able to do in second year, if not, over the summer.
  • Go to the gym.
    I’ve definitely done this one. Admittedly, I was much better at it in first term, going around two times a week, but I’m slowly, but steadily, getting back into it. I’ve been really enjoying it and for Uni-related stress relief, exercise has been incredible!
  • Join societies.
    I haven’t joined lots of societies but I did join Alzheimer’s Society and I’m actually on the committee now, too! Time-wise, this has been a great society to join and I really enjoy our meetings and being a member of a charity society.
  • More social activities.
    By this, I meant outside of uni. I think I’ve done this in different ways. I haven’t been ‘out-out’ as much as last year but instead, I’ve found nice places to eat and utilised the city and what it has to offer. My boyfriend and I went to the National Space Centre the other day (which I highly recommend!) and it was this kind of thing that I wanted to make more of an effort to do in second year.
  • Work hard on my blog.
    This one is debatable! I’ve had my blog for about eight months now and in first semester, I enjoyed it so much and, I must admit, did put a lot of effort into it, even though I posted less frequently. In second semester, I would love to work even harder and find time to act on my love of blogging.
  • Improve time management.
    I have most definitely done this! Less so last semester but definitely in the last month or so. I’ve felt that I’ve been a lot better with keeping on top of my work and making sure I fit everything in. If anything, this is what I’m most proud of, progress-wise, out my goals this year.

I think, overall, I haven’t done that badly! I’m most proud of my time-keeping and how hard I’m working – that’s definitely one I’ve achieved! I’ve also been taking driving lessons, with a test booked in the coming weeks, so I’m really happy I’ve managed to do that as well.

I always find that it’s good to periodically review the goals you’ve set to check on your progress – you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised! I love setting mine out in a blog post as it’s firmly documented for me to keep track of. I’d love to hear if you have any current goals, Uni or otherwise!

Alex x

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