Update: I’m back and looking to the future…


It’s been so long since I last wrote a post that I’m not sure I actually know what I’m doing anymore!

The last time you heard from me would have been mid-way through Blogmas. At the start of December 2017, I had so many plans for Blogmas; I’d written and scheduled posts about a week in advance and I was determined to complete it. However, by day 12, Uni work took over and I had to change my priorities, meaning that I couldn’t complete Blogmas and instead spent weeks researching and writing essays.

Since then, the same sort of thing has been happening. As well as taking some time to enjoy Christmas with my family, I went through a bit of a rough patch with Uni at the start of January. I want to write a whole blog post about this, and how I got through it, but it wasn’t a good time for me and meant that I used all of my energy sorting it out.

I’ve now started the second semester of my second year of Uni and things are getting verrry busy! I have essay deadlines looming, of which I am actually on top of for once, as well as my dissertation in sight so I’m pretty consumed by all of that at the moment.

However, I’ve felt a longing for writing that made me start this blog in the first place. I’ve been so preoccupied for a month or so that my blog has taken a back seat but I feel like I’m finally at a place where I can start to invest time in my love of writing and blogging as I did before.

I’m not going to hold myself to a strict schedule. After all, I am at Uni and my work is still the most important thing for me at the moment, but, I’m going to try to fit in blogging time, too.

I finally feel that my creative vibes have reappeared!

Hopefully, there will be a new post from me very soon!

Alex x

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