Secret Santa Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 9

Welcome to Day 9 of Blogmas!

Today is the day that my housemates and myself are exchanging our Secret Santa gifts so I thought that it was very apt to do this post today!

I absolutely love doing Secret Santa! I’ve done it for about 5 years now, with different groups of friends, and I think it’s such a good idea – I can’t rave about it enough! Being a student, I just can’t afford to buy a good present for each of my friends so instead, it’s nice to do Secret Santa, set a price limit and get a great present for one person instead of not so good presents for everyone.

So today, I thought I would bring you my Secret Santa present ideas! We usually set a price limit of £10 so these all fit into the budget. Some of these are ideal for students but would be loved by everyone, too! A lot of them would be great stocking fillers!

I really like to make my gifts more personal to whoever I’ve picked out so sometimes it’s good to take these ideas and tailor them to fit the person you’re buying for. But, if you’ve picked someone you don’t know as well, these are good all round presents that would still be much appreciated!

Hot chocolate – That can be so easily tailored to who you’re buying for – find out their favourite hot drink and you’re sorted! I got someone a big box of tea bags as they love tea and this was a great present, especially for a student! These hot chocolates are great – Options Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, £3.99 and Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate, £6.50.



Chocolate Pizza – Chocolate is a go-to for secret santa so why not put a twist on it? The Gourmet Chocolate Co. Christmas Pizza Slice, £2.20.

XMASSL-HR.jpgImage: The Gourmet Chocolate Co.

Mug – Also another go-to but I love both giving and receiving mugs. This can be personalised to the person, maybe their favourite TV show? Stranger Things mug, £8.95 and Friends Central Perk mug, £6.95.


Image: Amazon

Christmas Bath Gift Set – I love a good gift set! Boots has so many amazing gift sets but I really recommend the Baylis and Harding Mandarin and Grapefruit Gift Set, £6.37.

download (1).png


Candle – Candles are so good and I love Yankee Candles but there are so many nice brands! Christmas Magic Yankee Candle, £8.99.



Lipstick – A lip colour is a great secret santa present and can be quite cheap, too! I really like the NYX colours! NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels, £7.00.



Scarf – A winter scarf is such a lovely present for someone and there are so many nice ones in the shops at the moment. I really like this one from New Look – Black Check Scarf, £6.99.



Cute Socks – This is such a cute present and New Look has so much choices! I really like these Avocado Christmas Socks, £2.49.



Mason Jar Drinking Glass – These are so cute and are so good for secret santa presents! Let It Snow Glass and Straw, £4.00.




A picture of you together in a frame – This idea is so personal to you and the other person and such a sweet gift. A picture costs very little to get printed and frames can be quite cheap, too. Wilko Black Frame, £5.50.





That concludes my Secret Santa gift guide! I hope that this was helpful – these gifts would be great on their own or a collection of the cheaper gifts would be so cute!

If anyone else has any gift guides, I would love to see them so feel free to leave a comment!

Alex x


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