Autumn in Pictures

Now we’re coming to the end of autumn, I thought I would do a post similar to one I did at the end of summer (you can find that here!).

Autumn feels both like it’s gone so quickly but so slowly, too! I have to admit, autumn is my favourite season and I always enjoy it so much. Winter has Christmas and festivities which makes it a strong contender but weather wise, clothing wise, autumn is my fave.

In September, I was still working my summer job and eventually came to the end of my 12 weeks of work. Although I don’t have any pictures of that, that was quite a big thing for me. I was so happy that I’d managed to work for the whole summer and finishing at the start of autumn meant that I was ready to start Uni and have a great rest of the year!

As soon as I finished work, I headed to the Peak District with my boyfriend for a relaxing break before the chaos of Uni started again. We had such a lovely time and saw some incredible views. We really want to go back and although it was a 3 hour drive from home, it’s only 50 minutes from Uni so we might make it a day trip!


When we got back from the Peak District, it turned out that my Mum had got a new cat! As much as I love dogs (trust me, I do!), I have such a love for cats that I can’t explain! Our family like Siamese cats and here is our newest addition: Mo!


I moved back to Uni and into a house! I’m living with two people from my flat last year and three new people and I’ve had so much fun. I’ve made new friendships and strengthened old ones and second year is looking as if its going to be great!


I went out with a friend and we took so many autumnal pictures as well as some outfit shots, too! This was a new experience for me – taking outfit pictures in public. As much as I enjoyed it and managed to get a few pictures for a post, the odd looks and the few shouts we got still make me laugh now, if not a little nervous to do it again.


Just before Halloween, my boyfriend and I booked to go to Warwick Castle after recommendations from so many friends. We went when they still had their Halloween events on and it was so much fun! I absolutely loved the Time Tower – its probably the history student in me – and my boyfriend liked the fire jousting! I would 100% recommend Warwick Castle any time of the year but it was especially great at Halloween!


Bonfire Night is actually one of my favourite nights of the year. Fireworks are so pretty and for some reason, I love standing in the cold with my friends and watching the display. This year, we watched the display, got some food and went on a ride. I’m not a ride person but surprisingly, I actually had a lot of fun!


It was my boyfriend’s birthday on the 20th and we went out for a really lovely meal! We went to Middleton’s in Leicester and the food was so good. I had a mushroom burger and chips with a creme brulee for dessert – we’re already planning to go back!

A big part of autumn has also been planning and writing for Blogmas. I don’t want to put any pictures up yet – there’s not long to go now – but that explains why there has been a lull in blog posts this month. That as well as the mountains of Uni work I’ve had!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I quite like doing these – its a bit like a picture diary for each season and I think I’m going to try to carry it on. Let me know if you like it, too!

This is my last post of November before the chaos that is going to be Blogmas! My first post will be up on Friday if you’re interested!

Alex x

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