Summer Sum Up

Now that we’re heading into autumn and winter (the best time of the year!) I wanted to do a sum up of my summer. In this post, I want to share with you what I’ve been doing and a collection of my summer pictures!

I’d say that the start of summer is the 1st of June. Luckily, I finished my last exam at Uni on the 31st of May so that was when my summer started! I had a few last nights out at Uni before moving home which were great and I had such a good time with my friends before leaving each other until the end of September!

IMG_1595– Me, Emma and Krishma before the Summer Ball in our first year halls –

When I got home, before I started work, I had a few very hot summer days at home. I relaxed with my pets, went strawberry picking and enjoyed the sunsets!


I had a few trips, too! A day out in Cambridge and London, a weekend away in York. I wrote posts about these so be sure to check them out, too!


I redecorated my bedroom (which I also did a few posts on!) which was a lot of fun! I thought my cats looked very cute as well!


I went for a walk with my family and took some pictures of the plants!


Come bank holiday weekend, we went out for a meal and the restaurant had upside-down tea-cups as lights which I just had to take a picture of! It was also my Mum’s wedding anniversary! We had a lovely BBQ with friends and family and made our own version of cocktails – Purple Rain without the Blue Curaco! I have to admit, this was pretty much polished off between myself and my friend, Damson! On Bank Holiday Monday, we took the dogs for a walk to Thetford Forest. This is about an hour and a half from us and is a great day out – the dogs loved it!


So that concludes my summer in pictures! Even though I was working everyday, I used my weekends to do as much as I could.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope everyone else had a lovely summer and that you’re looking forward to autumn and winter as much as I am – I can’t wait for the cold, cosy days, thick scarves and Christmas celebrations!

I’ve started my Autumn board on Pinterest so if you’re interested, follow me over at @alexdaydreaming

Alex x

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