Haircare Saviours

A little while ago, I asked on Twitter for any suggestions of good hair products as my hair was in need of some attention – it was dry and dull and needed some help! Since then, I’ve tried some of the great suggestions as well as picking up a few other bits that looked good and I wanted to document my favourites.

These are the products that have pretty much saved my hair. When I started work earlier this summer, I was using heat on my hair everyday, as well as washing it more than usual, and it was starting to look a little worse for wear. My hair has mostly been in pretty good condition before this so I needed to do something to get it back to that!

IMG_1411– Excuse the state of the bottles in these pictures – they’re nearly empty! –

The first thing I tried changing was my shampoo and conditioner. I usually use the Alberto Balsam shampoos – so affordable and they smell amazing, too! However, I thought I’d look for something that was more hydrating and perhaps had different properties that could help my hair. I went straight to Aussie! I’ve used it before and loved it! They have so many different products for different hair types but I noticed that they definitely have a brilliant selection of moisture boosting products for dry hair! These are the ones I picked up:

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

They’ve worked so well! Especially the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. I leave it in for three minutes (as it says!) and then wash it out. After, it leaves my hair feeling softer and more healthy. It’s also brilliant for detangling, too!  I got another shampoo – Miracle Nourish – which I alternate with the Miracle Moist. You can find this here. I actually prefer this shampoo to the Miracle Moist one and it has definitely nourished my hair! I 100% recommend Aussie shampoo and conditioners for dry hair – particularly the 3 Minute Miracle treatments!


Another product is the Garnier Ultimate Blends ‘Marvellous Transformer Balm.’ You can get this here. This claims to being a solution for dry, dull hair and I have to agree – it is! I’ve been using this for about a month now – twice a week on the mid part of my hair to the ends – and I’ve noticed a difference! It’s brightened my hair and made it so soft. It smells incredible and a little goes a long way. You also get a lot of product for the price! It’s definitely earned its place on my list of haircare saviours!


I’ve also found a new dry shampoo that’s helped my hair so much! I swear by Batiste dry shampoo but whilst using the heavenly volume one, it had a really bad drying effect on my hair and made it sort of crispy (sounds gross, I know!). As soon as I noticed this, I went back to the normal type in the floral fragrance which you can find here. I have to say, although dry shampoo isn’t the best for your hair, this one has definitely been a lot better than the volumizing one!

Also, I’ve found a new heat defence spray that I love – TRESemme Heat Defence Spray. I actually tried a small bottle of this about five years ago but then couldn’t find it again and was using something else. When I found it again, I was so happy! I’ve been using this now for two months on wet hair before I blow dry it and I’ve noticed less split ends.

These are the products that have helped my hair but something that I think has been undeniably great in saving my hair is the lack of heat. Since I noticed the condition of my hair going down hill, I decided to embrace my natural hair (which can range from curly to strangely wavy to dead straight – who knows why!) and I’ve seen so many improvements. It means some days it has to be stuck up in a ponytail or I have to try to tame it with clips and a hairbrush but I think it’s really good to give your hair a break from the straighteners and curlers for a while!

That concludes my list of haircare saviours! I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions!

Alex x

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