3 Autumnal Make-Up Looks

Now that Autumn is pretty much upon us, I wanted to try a few new seasonal make-up looks! During Summer, I try not to wear that much eyeshadow (not worth the effort when it’ll just get sweated off!) so when it gets to Autumn, I like to go all out!

For these looks, I wanted to use the Morphe 35f Fall Into Frost palette. The colours are perfect for this time of they year and allowed me to get my darker lipsticks out, too! This was the first time I got to properly explore all the colours of this palette since I got it around a month ago and I absolutely loved using it!


For my skin, I didn’t really do anything special. I basically do the same thing with my face make-up all year round so this post is pretty much all about the eyeshadow and lipstick.

Here are the looks!

Look 1:

For this look, I knew I wanted to use a dark lipstick so I decided to do golden and brown eyeshadow. For me, gold and deep, berry purple really compliment each other and give a really autumnal feel!

I first used the more golden colour across my whole lid and blended it outwards and slightly above the crease. After this, I used the dark brown and brushed it through my crease, then blending it both towards my eye and into the gold as well as outwards so there wasn’t a harsh line. I then used the brilliant white shade in the inner corner and along my brow bone. However, if you want to copy this look, I’d advice either using a more champagne colour or if you want to use the white, apply it very lightly as otherwise it can look a bit too strong! To finish this off, I used Mac’s Media lipstick. I mentioned this in my Birthday Haul but I got this for free when Mac had an offer of a free lipstick when you spend £40. It looks horrible at first glance – like a really dark, muddy brown – but when applied, it’s a gorgeous berry purple which is perfect for autumn!

Below is the key that shows the colours I used for my eyes!

1 (1)

Look 2:

This look is much more rosy but still autumnal! I used the champagne colour all over my lid as well as in the corner of my eye and brow bone. This colour isn’t meant to be the main part of the look so I applied the middle colour in the swatch across the middle and outer corner of my eye lid. I didn’t want this to be too strong so I also used the more rose-gold colour to blend it out further. For my lips, I used Mac’s Twig which matches the eyes really well! Although I didn’t use it, I think this look would look great with winged liner! Also, you could make this more intense for a stronger look but I was going for something slightly more subtle.

Here are the colours I used:

1 (3)

Look 3:

For the last look, I tried to make it feel a bit like Bonfire Night which is one of my favourite times of the year; I have so many happy memories associated with fireworks and spending time with friends! To start, I used the golden shade across my whole lid – this one is definitely a lot darker than the shade I used in the first look! After blending this out, I used the burgundy shade in the crease and blended this out. I’m not that keen on really bold looks on me so trust me, I blended this for ages! But it looks nice stronger, too! Saying that, this is pretty bold for me so I then swept the lighter shade across my whole lid to mute it and used the Revlon Ultra HD in Seduction. I’ve also used Media before which looks nice with this, too!

Here’s the shades:

1 (2)

So, that concludes this post! I will definitely be using these throughout Autumn as well as coming up with other combinations using this palette! Let me know in the comments if you like any of them and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Alex x

22 thoughts on “3 Autumnal Make-Up Looks

  1. Kayleigh Zara says:

    I’m in love with this palette it’s beyond perfect for autumn looks! I love the second and third look they’re colours im more likely to wear so I might have a try at It x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

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