August Favourites

I honestly can’t believe that it’s now September! Summer seems to have gone so quickly but I’m bursting with excitement for rest of the year! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are my favourite time of the year and I’m already planning autumn and winter outfits.

However, today I have my August favourites for you! It’s a bit of a mix of things this month. I haven’t been wearing much make-up for most of August as I’ve just been working but I’ve really missed it and when I’m back at uni, I’ll be stepping up my make-up game! So, there isn’t many beauty bits this month, more hair and skin care.


Firstly, I’ve been loving Soap & Glory as a brand, but more specifically, the ‘Smoothie Star’ scent. It smells incredible! Described as almond and sweet vanilla, it’s a very sweet smell and when I first used it, it actually made my mouth water a little bit. The first product I tried was the body scrub a while ago but this month, I’ve been using the body butter and hand cream. Both are very thick formulas but sink into the skin really quickly. Soap & Glory is great anyway but after using this scent, it’s become one of my all time favourites!


Another sort of skin care favourite is this Imperial Leather Foamy Banana shower gel. When I first found this, I thought it sounded disgusting and would just smell like chemicals. Actually, it smells just like the actual foam banana sweets! I’ve been using it at work after I’ve been to the gym and the smell lasts for the rest of the day! I also worried that it might be a bit harsh on the skin but it’s not at all! Also, it reminds me of the sweets which is always a bonus!


This month I’ve got a haircare favourite. I have a post about my haircare saviours coming up so I won’t go into too much detail here but this product is amazing! I was looking for a hair mask, or something similar, and stumbled upon this. It’s a balm but I use it as a conditioner twice a week and it’s working so well! It makes my hair sleek and smooth which is just what I wanted!


I usually have a nail polish favourite of the month and for August, it’s Desert Lily from Topshop. I’ve had this for years now and I found it was pretty good colour for the summer-autumn transition! It’s quite bright but I’ve been loving it!


I have a TV favourite this month: Glee! I was such a big fan of Glee when I was younger and even went to the Glee: Live show at the O2 in 2011 (I literally love it!). At the start of August, I was really craving a ‘comfort’ TV show that wasn’t either Friends or That 70’s Show (for once!) and then spotted my Glee boxset! I don’t have seasons 5 and 6 but in my opinion, seasons 1, 2 and 3 are the best. I’ve been loving taking a trip down memory lane!


My last favourite for August is sunflowers! I think they’re so bright and happy. There’s something about having fresh flowers in your room that just improves your day and sunflowers seem to give a bit of extra cheer as well.

So that concludes my August favourites! Not as many beauty favourites as usual but I’m guessing they’ll be more next month! I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving in August!

Alex x


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