Bedroom Makeover


If you caught my last post (you can read it here if you didn’t!), you would have seen all the homeware bits I’ve been picking up over the last month or so. This is because we’ve been redecorating my whole bedroom!

After moving a year ago, I went straight off to uni which meant that my room stayed the way it was for a fair while. However, when I moved back in for the summer, my mum and I decided to do the room up!

Originally, my room was a bit odd. Three walls were a pretty dark blue with random light blue stripes every so often and one wall was all light blue. The colours were nice but not my style and the stripes were just strange. I really wanted to go for a grey and pink theme and I have to admit, I was heavily inspired by Pinterest! I’d made a ‘Dream House’ board and everything was pink, grey and cream so I just had to copy it in my room!

Before we did any work, I took some before pictures so we could see the change. So, here is what my bedroom looked like before:

It wasn’t awful and we had a lot of blue furniture from my sister’s bedroom in our old house but it definitely wasn’t my style!

Because of how dark the blue was, we had to first paint over it all with white so it didn’t show through. The colours I chose were in Dulux Blush Pink and Goose Down. We painted the back wall (that my bed sits on) in the pink and the rest of the room grey. As my bed is cream, we decided on cream furniture and the room is accented with a few copper elements, too.

To see the individual bits I bought for my room, have a read of my homeware haul which is linked above. Now, here are the after pictures of my room:

I’m so happy with how my room turned out! It was about a month in the making but definitely worth living between two rooms for a while! I actually really enjoyed the painting and decorating a room exactly how I wanted it!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed this post – I personally love posts like this!

Alex x

8 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover

  1. holliesblog854 says:

    Your room looks really lovely, getting rid of the blue has really made the room brighter. I also love the fairy lights along the end of your bed… so sweet! x

    Liked by 1 person

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