Homeware Haul


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I’ve been redecorating my bedroom for a while now and that means only one thing – a homeware haul!

I’ve been collecting bits here and there and thought I’d put it all together in a haul post. The theme for my room is pink, grey and cream with a little bit of copper mixed in. Along with the basics – wardrobe, bed, drawers which which I won’t include in this – I bought decorations and comforts to make my room more homely.

So, here’s what I got:


I decided to go to Primark for my bedding and a few decor bits as they’re smashing their homeware at the moment!

When we found the duvet cover in the picture, it was perfect! It’s got all of the colours in my room and ties everything in perfectly! Also, the pattern is quite busy and contrasts the block colours of paint. I can’t remember all of the prices but I think the duvet cover was around £10.

I bought a cream blanket for the end of my bed which I think was £7. It’s so so soft and such good quality for the price. If you know me, you’ll know I love blankets (I had six just at uni with me) and this one is a lovely addition to my collection!

As well as blankets, I love having loads of cushions on my bed! I saw the little pink and copper cushion and thought it would look really cute! I actually don’t know how much this was – it’s nearly a month since I bought it –  but it definitely wasn’t that much. I’m thinking around £5.

Fairy lights are another love (obsession?) of mine! I picked up these lantern style ones which were £6 and also some firefly style ones for £2.50. The lantern ones are wrapped around the end of my bed and look so cute! The firefly ones look so christmassy and they’re incredibly long which is amazing for just £2.50!


We also went to the Range and picked up a few bits.

I got this set of three pictures in a geometric print which, again, are the perfect colours for the theme of my room! They bring in the geometric print of my new duvet cover, too. I can’t remember the original price but we got it for £4.50 which was A LOT lower than the original! I was so happy to find something that matched so well for such a low price!


Fake flowers were something I knew I wanted in my room from the moment we started decorating. They look so pretty and are perfect for featuring in blog post pictures – win-win! I got this set of flowers (which were labelled peonies but I’m pretty sure they’re roses) and a really cute vase to go with them. I got them both for around £8 which is great!

One of my favourite things is these lamps!


They’re from Argos and I got them on a deal which was two for £15! Again, being grey and copper, they fit in amazingly and I love the fact that they’re touch lamps.

We’ve popped to B&Q a few times and although I didn’t think I would find much, I actually grabbed quite a few bits!


I knew I wanted some greenery in my room but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep anything alive. So, these fake succulent style plants are great! The grey potted one is my favourite – I went back to buy another so I could take it to uni – and they add a feeling of life to my room, even if they aren’t actually real! I also got another set of fake flowers and a little candle which are placed around my room. I can’t remember the price of them separately but for everything, it was around £20.


Lastly, when searching for birthday presents for my friends, I found the loveliest prints and couldn’t resist getting one for myself, too! I bought this flamingo print from Tarnya and it looks great in my room! You can find it on her Etsy shop here or find her on Twitter over at @sweet_allure.

That concludes my homeware haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing the bits and pieces I’ve collected for my room. If you’re interested in seeing this spread around my room, I have a full bedroom makeover going up tomorrow so pop back to see that!

Alex x

7 thoughts on “Homeware Haul

  1. thequeeeenbeeee says:

    I love the copper.
    Just splurged on a king sized Kate Spade blanket yesterday at Marshall’s. It was thirty dollars but I needed it.

    I love your room remodel. I’m working on remodeling my bathroom. Riding the struggle bus, I can only imagine redesigning a whole room.

    Liked by 1 person

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