My Favourite Perfumes


This was a post that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I wouldn’t say I’m hugely interested in perfume – as in I can’t identify individual smells and I don’t look out for new ones that are coming out – but I’ve recently acquired quite a few!

So today, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite perfumes.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh 


The Marc Jacobs website describes it as ‘a more fruity and bubbly scent’ with many fruit notes such as pear and grapefruit. I would definitely describe it as fruity but it’s quite sweet, too. It’s one of the perfumes that as soon as I spray it, I keep smelling my wrists because it smells so good! I’ve also had Daisy Dream but I absolutely prefer this one!

Calvin Klein – CKIN2U Her 


This perfume goes way back! My mum wore this on our holiday to Ibiza in 2007 and it’s always reminded me of that – even 10 years later! She gave me the leftovers of her original bottle and when that ran out, I had to buy my own one! It’s relatively cheap and I use it as an everyday scent but it can be quite strong for some people. To me, it smells quite lemony but Boots describes it as pink grapefruit, bergamot, orchid and vanilla – so I have no idea where I get the lemon from! I did say I couldn’t identify the smells very well!

Gucci – Flora Glamorous Magnolia


I absolutely LOVE this perfume! I bought this in Duty Free last year (discounted as well as in the sale!) after spending ages trying to decide which one to get. I think this must be my all time favourite perfume but I’m running out and don’t think I can afford to buy a new bottle. As I wore it a lot during my first year of uni, this smell now brings back so many happy memories. The packaging of this is so cute, too. The Gucci website describes is as top notes of freesia with heart notes of magnolia and peony. Very floral but so gorgeous.

Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Girl


This is a new addition to my collection as my boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday. I’d been wanting this for a while as a few of my friends wear this a lot and I always loved it on them. This has replaced my Jack Wills – English Velvet as my everyday scent. My mum thinks it’s too strong but I think it’s lovely! The Tommy Hilfiger website says it has top notes of blackcurrant, mandarin and spearmint (I love spearmint but I can’t say I can pick it out in this) and it’s (again) a fruity fragrance. This is really affordable and smells incredible!

Special Mention:

Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck 


Does anyone remember this!? I wore this for the entirety of Year 9 (how is that 6 years ago now!) and I don’t think you can get it anymore but I really want to smell it again. I think I’ve still got the bottle I first had in my memory box. I don’t know if I would wear this now but I remember loving it. I think it was quite a sweet smell – I just really want to smell it again!

That concludes my favourite perfumes! Something I’ve learnt from this is that I seem drawn to fruity and floral scents – apparently mostly pink grapefruit! Also, I seem to associate my perfumes with memories and that’s what makes me love them so much.

Although I have a decent collection, I’d love to hear your suggestions to add to my wishlist – feel free to leave a comment!

Alex x

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