Cambridge Day Trip


It was my birthday on the 1st of August but as my boyfriend couldn’t get the day off work, we celebrated together on the 2nd. We decided to go to Cambridge for the day and I thought I would share some pictures and memories from our trip!

I’ve been to Cambridge quite a few times but only on educational visits so I was excited to go for fun and have a proper look around and do some shopping.


We used the Park & Ride (I definitely suggest doing this if you’re going to Cambridge – there’s five all around the outside of the city and it’s so much easier!) and made our way into the city.

Our first stop was to get some lunch. We wanted to find more of an independent restaurant but we weren’t blessed with the weather and as it started to rain, we wanted to find shelter and settled on Zizzi. Although it’s a standard restaurant, it had a really lovely view of Parker’s Piece and it was really nice to see all the bikes go past!


After this, we went into Lion Yard and did some shopping. I’ll be uploading a haul from this soon so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

We wanted to go punting but the weather really wasn’t on our side! We gave it a miss for this trip and wandered around looking at the buildings.



I really wanted to see Queens college and the Mathematical bridge so that’s where we headed next. This view is one of my most favourite in Cambridge. I’d really recommend going to the actual bridge (£3.50 entry to Queens), or the going to the bridge opposite to look at it which is what we did. We wanted to go onto the bridge but this was when it really started raining!


We wandered through a few more shops, got some carrot cake from the market and it started chucking it down. We took shelter in the shopping centre and after having a browse of the homeware section of John Lewis (I can’t wait to buy a house and start furnishing it!), we waited for the bus back to the car and went home.


Although the weather let us down, we had such a lovely day. My boyfriend hadn’t been to Cambridge before and loved all the old buildings. I loved having longer than an hour to explore the city!

Hopefully we’ll get to go back soon – and hopefully with better weather!

Cambridge is such a lovely city with some beautiful buildings and amazing history so if you get the chance to go, definitely do!

If you have any suggestions for things to do in Cambridge, or other UK day trips we could go on, feel free to leave a comment!

Alex x

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