My First Year of University


Today, I really wanted to do a sum up of my first year at Uni! I love these posts, mainly because I’m nosy and want to know what other people get up to, but also because it’s a good way to know what to expect if you’re starting Uni. I’ve been reading up on some second year of Uni posts in preparation for next year!

I really want to reflect on my first year and document my memories so I can look back on them. I have so many pictures but I’d love to get it in writing, too. So, welcome to today’s post!

I remember my first day so clearly. I moved into halls and I was sharing a kitchen with 5 other people. I wasn’t nervous at all during the run up to uni but the nerves hit during the car journey there – I was terrified! It only took about ten minutes for my boyfriend and family to help me move all my stuff into my room and I remember when they left and I stood surrounded by all of my belongings. I thought I would feel a bit abandoned or lonely but as soon as my boyfriend left (he stayed a bit longer), I kept unpacking and started meeting my flatmates.

This is one of my favourite memories of first year. It seems so weird that not even a year ago, my flatmates were all strangers and now they’re my very best friends! We’ve all been through quite a lot together in the year (ish) that we’ve known each other but I know that I’ve made genuine friends for life. I know this probably seems a bit cliche but we all have such a strong bond now. I’m living with two of them next year whilst the others are only a street or two away!

Freshers was such an big experience for me. Before uni, I’d only ever been out-out once so I was pretty much thrown in at the deep end! We had so many themed nights – zoo party, 90’s night – and I had such a good time. I have to say, during freshers, I still wasn’t 100% comfortable so I really didn’t drink too much but I still had such a good time. I didn’t even go out that much during freshers and it didn’t affect my overall experience in the slightest. Freshers isn’t the be all and end all of uni! Having said that, now with more experience under my belt, I’m so excited for freshers this year, even though I won’t actually be a fresher anymore!

Nights out have been such a huge part of uni. I remember the first night out after Christmas break and we all ended up in a massive group hug singing along to Angels by Robbie Williams before piling into a taxi and making our way home. It became a tradition to come in and have toast on paper towels – to save washing up, of course. We went on a few bar crawls, too. If you’re not the biggest fan of clubs, a bar crawl is brilliant as it’s so much easier to socialise. We went on a bar crawl on the night of the general election, made our way home by 12 and sat up until 5am watching the results come in. These don’t sound like the most thrilling experiences if you weren’t there but they’re the ones I’ll remember the most.

Although drinking has undeniably featured in my first year, I also had some amazing experiences with my friends that didn’t involve alcohol at all. One of my flatmates is French and is an expert in crepe-making so we had many a night of crepes for dinner! We also celebrated pancake day together. Bonfire Night was one of my favourite days. I usually spend it with my boyfriend and we go to our local firework display and I did really miss that but it was also so nice to go to such a big display in the city with all my friends. I wish I could put some pictures in as we took some lovely ones but I don’t know if the others would want to feature on here! Varsity was also a highlight! I loved cheering for the Uni and watching the rugby. I also went to the History Summer Ball which was such a lovely night. It was so nice to do something with my friends from my course, get dressed up and have a nice meal.

I went self-catered which was a bit of a shock to the system but I adapted pretty quickly! I think I definitely ate healthier in my second semester but the first semester was full of stir fry’s – something I can’t even stand the thought of eating now! Before we all left for Christmas, we had a flat Christmas dinner that we all cooked together. We did Secret Santa which was so lovely.

For me, the workload was overwhelming but I think I managed to handle it pretty well. I’m studying history and I don’t think I was quite prepared for the level of reading that’s involved. Sometimes I felt like I could drown in it. My assignments went mostly well. I remember having one where I was completely stuck and cried down the phone to my mum and boyfriend and went sobbing into my flatmate’s room. That was the worst experience with work but other than that, I loved studying something I’m so interested in. Lectures were a new encounter for me. They were so different to how I’d been taught before but now I wouldn’t want it any other way. Also, I found out that I passed the year with a First! It doesn’t count towards my overall degree but I was so proud of myself anyway.

I could honestly go on and on about my first year but I’ve probably rambled on enough! I’m so excited for my second year and seeing all my friends again. That’s one annoying thing – we all come from different places across the whole country!

If you have any posts about your uni experience, leave a link in the comments – I’d love to read them!

Alex x

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