What I Thought: Baby Driver


I wanted to do something a little bit different today. I’ve decided that I’d really like to do a series called “What I Thought” in which I’ll write about non-beauty related things in a review style. As much as I love beauty products and reviewing them (check out tomorrow’s post!), I also love the entertainment industry so I really want books, films and music to also feature on my blog.

I want to add a little disclaimer – obviously I’m not a professional at reviewing films or anything of the sort. I just think that sometimes it’s nice to read a review of a film that hasn’t come from a critic but instead just a normal person. So, I don’t know any of the technical terms; this is just my opinion of the film!

Today’s topic: Baby Driver 

I have to start by saying: I absolutely adored this film. I saw it twice. Yep. Once on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. And I already can’t wait for it to come out online (please let it be on Netflix!) or on DVD so I can see it again. I’m a little bit obsessed!

One of the main things I loved about this film was the soundtrack. It was incredible and I’ve been listening to it at work for a solid week now! If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should. It’s full of feel good, motivational songs which just made the film so great.

Although the soundtrack is amazing in itself, the movie was also choreographed to the music with the timing of the actor’s movements fitting in. My favourite example of this is the very first scene. It’s probably the best opening to a film I’ve ever seen. It shows Baby – Ansel Elgort as the main character – listening to a song whilst waiting outside a bank during a robbery – he’s the getaway driver. This is such a credit to Edgar Wright and, in my opinion, is one of the best parts of the film.

I also have to talk about Ansel Elgort as Baby. I thought he was an amazing choice for this. I think if you watched the film you would definitely agree – he plays the part so, so well. The rest of cast were brilliant as well. I loved Lily James as Debra and Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx were such good choices!

The only thing I wasn’t as keen on was the love story element; I thought it was a bit confusing. He told her he loved her but near the end she said they were friends but they both wanted more? And then she waited for him? That was the only thing I wasn’t too sure about. I thought it should have been clearer but instead was a bit blurred. It was also quite a fast-paced romance and I thought perhaps their actions at the end could have been more justified if they had known each other longer. But if I’ve misunderstood this part and you could help me, please leave a comment! Other than the confusion, the actual relationship between the characters was lovely and an integral part of the film.

Overall, I’d give this film 5 stars. Action films aren’t always my favourite but I just loved this one. In fact, it’s probably creeping up into my top 5 favourite films!

Let me know if you’ve seen Baby Driver and what you thought about it!

Alex x

6 thoughts on “What I Thought: Baby Driver

  1. Ruminvte says:

    I’ve been seeing the posters and ads for this film everywhere but haven’t seen the trailer or what it’s about. Your review is so positive so I have to check it out now! I really like Ansel’s acting in other things I’ve seen him in. I have such a long list of movies to see now 😂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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