7 Bloggers You Should Follow


A few days ago marked a month since I started my blog! Yay! Since then, I’ve loved blogging and writing so, so much. A big part of the whole experience has been other bloggers, too – I love reading blog posts as much as I love writing them!

So today, I thought I would write about 7 bloggers that you should follow!

Out Of Tea Bags 

Em from Out of Tea Bags is a blogger you should most definitely be following! This was one of, if not the, first blog I found when I made mine and it motivated me to carry on. Em’s blog not only looks great (trust me, it looks so good!) but her posts are also brilliant! She recently posted a really good guide to making logos (which you can read here) and her monthly bullet journal posts are definitely worth checking out.


If you’re looking for really great product reviews, Emily’s blog is definitely worth the read! I really love her reviews, especially of foundations, and she takes such lovely photos of the products! One of my favourite posts is her review of Sleek’s Solstice Highlight palette which you can find here.


Charlotte’s blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog that I recommend you keep up with! Her post about Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks has convinced me to get one and I loved her 50 Things To Do When You’re Bored. Her Instagram is also pretty great so make sure you’re following her there as well!

The CSI Girls 

These two girls have such lovely posts! Their reviews make me want to spend so much money (which isn’t great for my bank balance!) Their swatches are also so great, especially in this post!

Saffy Dixon

Saffron’s blog has a bit of everything and I love that! Although this blog is a relatively new read for me, I’m loving it so far! Her letter to her 14 year old self was so lovely to read (you can find it here) and her fitness journey is so inspiring, too.

Breakfast at Shelby’s

As a bookworm, I love Shelby’s blog! You should definitely check out her book reviews! One of my favourite posts is 5 New TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To Watching and I’m sure you’d love it, too!

Mia’s Messy Life

Mia’s blog is so great! She has such amazing life tips and really good blogging advice that I think everyone should have a read of. I also love her travel posts; her city guides are such a good idea. I loved the section about Instagram worthy spots! You can read her City Guide to San Francisco here.

So that concludes my list of 7 bloggers you should follow! Please check them out, they’re all doing so great and their blogs are most definitely worth the read!

If you have any other bloggers you think I should check out, or even yourself, please leave a link in the comments!

Alex x

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