Starting Afresh


Today, I wanted to write a stationary based post. I love stationary. All the pens, notebooks, even paper clips. It all excites me. Mostly, I love diaries. I wrote a post a while ago about my everyday memory book (which you can read here) but today I’m going to write about my planner.

Now, if you’re like me, getting a new planner is kind of a big change. My old one was my lifeline for a whole year! Being at Uni, I usually get mid-year diaries for the academic year and I keep note of my lecture timetable, birthdays and even when I need to paint my nails!


Here is my old one (which you can still get at WH Smith for £10.99 – mine looks a little worse for wear now!):


Now my diary is coming to an end, I’ve bought a new one! However, I’m yet to switch over. For some reason, this process is making me feel very reminiscent about the last year of my life and everything I’ve done.

I started Uni, made so many new friends and maintained old friendships. I finished first year with a First, went to my Mum’s wedding, celebrated a two year anniversary with my boyfriend, had my 18th birthday, started my new job.

It may sound strange for a diary to represent this but getting a new one means starting afresh. It’s another year of my life!

I was looking for a new one and couldn’t find one I liked for ages. Then I remembered hearing about Ohh Deer and thought I’d check it out.

I quickly found the Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters collection and was spoilt for choice! There are so many great ones with such lovely patterns. For me, this is one of the best bits of a diary – I have to have one that looks nice! I really suggest you have a look!

Here is the one I (eventually) chose:


Most of them are priced at £16 but I got mine in the sale for £8 and it’s still available. If £16 is a little too much (admittedly, it probably is for me which is why I got mine from the sale), there are so many that are reduced, more now than when I got mine, so check it regularly if you’re interested!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Also, please reassure me that I’m not weird for feeling this emotionally attached to a planner! Let me know in the comments if you get/want anything from this range – I love it!

Alex x

P.S: My Twitter is @alexdaydreaming if you feel like following

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