Why You Should Get An Everyday Memory Book


Today, I wanted to write about my Everyday Five Year Memory Book. I’m now a few months off of having had mine for a year and I’d recommend for everybody to get one!

If you’re not sure what this is, its essentially a diary which gives you a small space to write a summary of what you’ve done each day for five years. In the end, it’ll give you an account of everything you’ve done for the last five years of your life!


This sounds like a huge commitment, to write down what you’ve done everyday for such a long time! However, it really only takes a couple of minutes out of your day and I think the outcome will be so worth it!

I think one of these is especially worthwhile if you’re at a similar age to me – you’re in education, going through Uni or maybe just graduated – so you can document all the exciting changes that are going on in your life! Last days of school, Uni Summer Balls, Graduation Day!

I think it would be such a lovely idea for everyone. Even if you feel like you’ve had a relatively mundane day, maybe you could pick out something small that made you happy. Maybe your make-up looked great or you really enjoyed reading a certain book. It may not seem important enough to document but, reading back on it in five years time, you’ll remember the small things that made you happy.


My memory book was given to me by my Nan before I headed off to Uni as a way for me to document all of my experiences. I don’t think that its being sold anymore but here are a few in case you want to get your own!

You can find them here  and here!

Or, if you fancy something slightly different, you could try a Q&A a day here or even a Worry Relief Journal here.

And if you’re looking for something different, there are so many ‘drawing each day’ journals you can find – they’re only a Google search away!

This is the perfect gift for someone or even to just buy for yourself and I recommend you get one!

Alex x

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