Top 5 Netflix Picks

I have to confess, I spend A LOT of time on Netflix. When most people would listen to music whilst getting ready, I’ll have Netflix on. I love being cosy, so a night in watching Netflix under a blanket is perfect for me. However, it often takes a long time to find something you actually want to watch. So, if you need some inspiration, here’s my top 5 Netflix picks and recommendations for you!



I’m actually watching this one as I write! I found this on Netflix yesterday and I’ve already only got two episodes left but I love it! Girlboss follows the story of Sophia Marlowe, played by Britt Robertson, during the building of her empire – the online store Nasty Gal (loosely based on true events). It touches on feminist issues – why are men taken more seriously in business than women? – and shows a woman doing everything for herself and building something out of nothing. I’ve found this so addictive and with only half hour episodes, it hasn’t taken me long to get through it. Her strength and determination is really motivational, too. I really recommend this show! There is only one season on Netflix but I’ve been loving it.



Although I’m sure you can find this film elsewhere, it’s on Netflix and I had to include it in my top 5! My boyfriend and I were trying to find a compromise film – one we both wanted to watch – and decided on this. It’s about an online game called Nerve where people enlist as a ‘player’ and complete crazy dares, set by ‘watchers’, for money. It follows the main character, Vee, and her attempt at playing Nerve. I found it got pretty tense at times and there was such a plot twist at the end! It was a film both my boyfriend and myself could enjoy and I’d definitely watch it again.

Sing Street


I love this film! This was recommended to me by one of my friends. It’s definitely a feel-good film! It’s set in 1980’s Ireland and shows the journey of a young boy who forms a band to impress a girl. Like Girlboss, it shows that if you want your dreams to come true, you have to work for it. It’s dramatic and comedic and leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled by the end!


13 Reasons Why


Now, this has been widely talked about since its release and I was debating whether of not to put this on my top 5 picks. However, I watched this series in a few days when it first came out and I thought it did a really good job of raising awareness and showing how your words and actions can affect other people – I mean, it did get people talking about these issues. I know its been quite controversial so I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments but I think people should at least watch a few episodes and give it a go. Personally, I thought it was such an important show, and was really well made, so I’ve put it in my top 5.

That 70’s Show 


I’ve not heard of many people who know about That 70’s Show so I had to include it in this post! This show follows the lives of six teenagers during the 70’s. It mainly focuses on Eric Forman and his relationship with Donna, as well as his friends, Hyde, Fez, Jackie and Kelso. For me, this is such a comfort show and it never fails to make me happy! I think it’s so funny and it gets you invested in the characters, which I love. And you only have to search ‘That 70’s Show’ on Twitter GIFS to find some hilarious snippets from the show. I 100% recommend this to everyone and I thought I’d include it in case there’s a chance that it could give someone else as much happiness and warmth that it gives me!

That concludes my Top 5 Netflix Picks! Let me know if you love any of these as well or leave some recommendations for me to watch! After the end of Pretty Little Liars next week, I’m going to need more shows to watch!

Alex x

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