Strawberry Pickin’


If you live in the UK, you’ll know that the weather the last few days has been great! After days of lounging about in the garden, I wanted to actually go out and enjoy the sun.

When I was younger, my Nan would take my cousin and I to Pick-Your-Own farms and we would spend the afternoon picking fruit, getting excited over who could find the biggest strawberry and taking it home to have with cream or make into a smoothie.

Yesterday, I was looking for something to do and remembered this from my childhood. So, I searched for P.Y.O farms near me, packed my boyfriend into the car and headed out into the countryside.




The farm we went to wasn’t just strawberries – it had raspberries, blackberries,  red and black currants and pumpkins and other vegetables ready for Autumn.

We grabbed a punnet and headed to the fields. The sun was out (it was 30 degrees!) and we strolled up and down the rows looking for the biggest, reddest strawberries. There were people of all ages and even some school pupils on a trip enjoying the open air and sun.



After we’d collected our strawberries, we sat in the shade with an ice-cream. It felt so nice to sit in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the sweet smell of strawberries, enjoying the sun.

Most P.Y.O Farms will most likely be open all summer and into Autumn so if we get some more nice weather and you feel like picking your own fruit (or grabbing a pumpkin for Halloween), find a farm near you!


I stained my white skirt taking this picture 😦

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